My favorite albums of the first half of 2006


9 juin 2006, 2h22m


  • onecaseman

    Top Albums: 1. Bibio, Hand Cranked [Mush] 2. A Cloud Mireya, Singular [Eastern Developments] 3. Boxcutter, Oneiric [Planet Mu] 4. Ellen Allien & Apparat, Orchestra of Bubbles [Bpitch Control] 5. tstewart, Living Exponentially [Merck] 6. Hassle Hound, Limelight Cordial [Staubgold] 7. AFX, Chosen Lords [Rephlex] 8. I’m Not a Gun, We Think As Instruments [City Centre Offices] 9. Miwon, Pale Glitter [City Centre Offices] 10. Reminder, Continuum [Eastern Developments] Top EP's/Singles: 1. Boards of Canada, Trans Canada Highway [Warp] 2. Boxcutter, Tauhid [Planet Mu] 3. Clark, Throttle Furniture [Warp] 4. Pinch, Qawwali [Planet Mu] 5. Apparat, Berlin. Montreal. Tel Aviv [Shitkatapult] 6. Miles Tilmann, Xenon [Consumer's Research and Development] 7. Venetian Snares Vs. Bong-Ra, 4 Adaptations of Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett [Planet Mu] 8. Christ., Vernor Vinge [Benbecula] 9. Skream, Skreamizm Vol. 1 [Tempa] Other good ones: Dub Tractor, Hideout Juana Molina, Son Burial, Burial Das Bierbeben, Alles Fallt Booka Shade, Movement Kyler, Pur Cosy Tales Dictaphone, Vertigo II Need more time with: Helios, Eingya The Gentleman Losers, The Gentleman Losers Plaid, Greedy Baby Herbert, Scale Ms. John Soda, Notes and the Like Leafcutter John, The Forest and the Sea Zero 7, The Garden Venetian Snares, Cavalcade… The Appleseed Cast, Peregrine Thom Yorke, The Eraser Danielson, Ships Nightmares On Wax, In A Space Outta Sound Mogwai, Mr. Beast Loka, Fire Shepherds Eliot Lipp, Tacoma Mockingbird The Fiery Furnaces, Bitter Tea TV on the Radio, Return to Cookie Mountain Nathan Fake, Drowning In A Sea Of Love The Gasman, This One’s For You Daedelus, Denies The Days Demise

    11 juin 2006, 4h05m
  • ojnkpjg

    i won't even pretend to be able to give a halfway decent review of an album, so instead i'll just point you here:

    11 juin 2006, 5h17m
  • ojnkpjg

    i forgot the Tstewart was this year. i need to give that one (and the tim koch) a few more listens. i haven't heard most of the albums in your top 10 yet, which means i have work to do.

    11 juin 2006, 5h20m
  • nibus

    Eingya has it for me at the moment, I have a suspicion it will still be top at the end of the year - such a great album... As for Biosphere, I saw him in Notting Hill earlier this year and he played pretty much all of Dropsonde (well, the jazzy tracks). The vinyl version is all minimal jazz loops but the CD is chopped up with ambient pieces, almost like two albums. Not really comparable to Substrata (but then what is...) but still worth getting.

    11 juin 2006, 11h51m
  • ojnkpjg

    einya yeah, i think it's pretty unlikely anything better than einya will be released this year. maybe the secede & kettel collab has a shot, if leraine from tryshasla is any indication of what the album will be like. the first time i listened to einya, i was in my car on my way to work. i missed my exit off the highway because i was so distracted by the music. twice.

    11 juin 2006, 16h06m
  • ojnkpjg

    (...where 'better' means 'that i will enjoy more')

    11 juin 2006, 16h08m
  • onecaseman

    Yeah, I listened to Dropsonde today. Nice stuff.

    12 juin 2006, 4h11m
  • nibus

    Yeah, I think Dropsonde is probably his best since Substrata - one of the best albums of all time. Though I'll never forget my excitement/disappointment at the deceptively titled 'Substrata 2' when I saw it in the shops. Nice packaging though...

    13 juin 2006, 12h51m
  • darkgnome

    The new Helios is great ^_^ Haven't heard the new Kettel yet, need to wait till next month :\

    18 juin 2006, 18h55m
  • cuppacoffee

    I'm glad you posted a mid-year list! I had missed the latest Type release and after listening, I am so glad I found it! Thanks

    20 juin 2006, 15h57m
  • darkgnome

    The new Bitcrush was boring... :\

    20 jui. 2006, 19h14m
  • Ehqo

    Surprised to not see Yagya - Will I Dream During the Process? on any of the lists. It's bloody marvelous.

    3 oct. 2006, 14h44m
  • onecaseman

    Actually it's boring as hell.

    3 oct. 2006, 16h07m
  • Ehqo

    You're some kind of weirdo aren't you? ;(.

    4 oct. 2006, 9h52m
  • dbod

    3. Takashi Wada - Araki (Onitor) - fantastic album. :D

    21 nov. 2006, 4h17m
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