Album of the month #1 - October '07


28 oct. 2007, 17h18m

I'm going to start putting up an album a month of interesting music that you may or may not have heard, may or may not like, may or may not listen to. Whatever floats your vessels and inflates your balloons:).

I've found quite a few albums this month, and as this is the first installment, there are going to be a couple of albums this month, but hey, who doesn't like more music?

First off is Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity.
Not a much of a departure for Deerhoof, their latest offering is more quirky, catchy, off-the-wall indie noise-rock power pop, albeit a bit more accessible than any of their other works to date.
A few songs stick out to me, notably The Galaxist and bEliEVE E.S.P, but there isn't a song on the album I haven't stopped and replayed at some point in time. Also, there is a free album of live stuff and extras, Bibidi Babidi Boo, on their website thats definitely worth checking out.

Next up is Björk - Volta. This was an impulse buy for me a couple of months ago. The packaging is as beautiful as it is useless. but, more importantly, this album is Björk's best since Post. The three singles, Earth Intruders, Innocence, and Declare Independence are definitely the highpoints of the album, and surprisingly fairly straightforward for Björk. That's not to say Volta Doesn't have its weirder moments. If you like electronic music, you will probably like the three singles. if you like Björk, you will probably like the whole album.

Last but not least is Tegan and Sara - The Con. This album sees Canada's twins, Tegan and Sara, refining their unique flavour of indie pop into a balanced, mature album. This is my favourite album of theirs by a good measure. This album definitely deserves to be listened to all the way through!

Some honorable mentions:
Radiohead - In Rainbows (You all already know about this, I presume, but in case you didn't, its the best since OK Computer)
The Fiery Furnaces - Widow City (don't know why this link isn't working)
Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope (Only because I just remembered she existed, and I'm finding it hard to figure out how I forgot)

If you have suggestions for next month, I'm indebted in advance. I love music I've never heard:)


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