Recommendation #37 [David Carretta - Rodeo Disco]


4 déc. 2008, 12h16m

Cult French electro producer David Caretta has been the first artist to sign on Dj Hell’s International Deejay Gigolos records. He’s now running his own label, SPACE FACTORY, which has just released his third album “Rodeo Disco”

Interview: David Carretta

Tell us also about SPACE FACTORY, why did you feel you had to create your own label?

It’s family-oriented label in the sense that all people working for it are friends. We made SPACE FACTORY to humbly contribute to electronic music, to leave a mark, to have a medium allowing us to express ourselves with total freedom. The idea is to have a good time, to blossom doing what we love: music.

Still cutting vinyl? How do you feel about the future of cd’s and vinyls? What about digital (legal and illegal)?

Yes we still cut vinyls because we like it, it’s a part of our culture, and a part of music in general. We lived the birth of cd’s. Before that there was only vinyls and tapes. We can’t give up vinyls, but we also do digital. We can’t deny the new business model. At the same time, the new ways to distribute music are very exciting with internet opening new doors and allowing artists and labels to communicate with fans much more easily. Illegal downloading is not a problem for us. If a track is downloaded a lot, it means it’s successful, means you will sell more records and get more live gigs.

What tools do you need and expect from the internet to spread your music?

We have to play in clubs and at festivals all around the world. Right now, internet is the best way for us to promote our music, as we don’t have access to TV and radio. We also need the djs to play our music, we need record and digital stores to sell it. That’s all the things we need to exist and stay around.
It’s not possible to exist doing music just to make your dog happy.

What are the forthcoming projects on you label?

We hope to have an album by Plastique de Rêve early 2009, as well as an album by Falsparklocation, a project by a super talented French artist that’s not very known yet. We’ll also have a Space Factory compilation and some limited edition vinyls with remixes.

What are the cool spots in your area?

I live in the mountain, every season is amazing.

You’ve been active in the French scene since day one, how have you lived its evolution?

Time goes really fast and I haven’t had time to think about this yet. I’m a bit scared to think about the past. I prefer taking care of the future.

What’s your top 5 electronic music tracks?

Front 242 - Body To Body
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
New Order - Blue Monday
Depeche Mode - Photographic
Killing Joke - Requiem

How do you manage to stay awake till the end of the night? And how do you recover, if needed, the day after?

I try to sleep as much as I can, then I go back home and I have a walk in the mountain, breathing the pure air.

David Carretta - Rodeo Disco

1. David Carretta - Dance Machine (6:57)
2. David Carretta- New love (4:43)
3. David Carretta - Love Lazer Dance Sex (6:52)
4. David Carretta - Planet research (6:21)
5. David Carretta - Planetary attraction (6:51)
6. David Carretta - Dicso Dance (6:49)
7. David Carretta - NEW DISCO BEAT (6:48)
8. David Carretta - SEX ON THE MOON (4:37)
9. David Carretta - Running the planet(4:39)
10. David Carretta - Good Bye Honey Moon (6:01)


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