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  • Audiobinge

    Past shows since I've been back: http://spinitron.com/radio/playlist.php?station=kzuu&ptype=n&sv=l&djuid=93#here but I used to make notes on Facebook with a image and shit but then Facebook changed the formatting. Have a group and I try and at least make my status or tweet about it when I'm on air. But it's more just to say, people that care and listen will. I don't have some huge following, music for me and friends really. But I try to be nice on air and just think about what I would want to hear as a casual or regular listener you know. Requests etc. PSA's we do on the forty of every hour and the station ID the top like everyone. But I just try and do it as close to that time as possible, don't cut a song to say it. First hour is hectic but the second I feel more settled and I get sad when I'm almost done. Really flies by but it's all just practice. Not a future career, want to teach. BUT I like music and have the opportunity so why not try I figure.

    24 jui. 20h48m Répondre
  • Audiobinge

    Practice yo! Listening to other DJs on your station. Radio in general but I think a huge portion of it is preparation. Power was out here yesterday so I couldn't spend at much time as I wanted on my show. But I'm finishing up the playlist now and it flows well I think. https://assets-tenthbit-com.s3.amazonaws.com/files/c83574e6-6de6-406f-ad0e-4d84f8a17e2a.jpg?Expires=1410048000&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIP2CWSUZAMTFNYFA&Signature=mPozhZix3l0mpOTmV64OVsbi9fs%3D Leave room for new music or "preview racks." Set breaks, etc. Just helps me stay composed. Know what I'm talking about and touring, new albums etc. Having the paper helps to keep me on track, not rambling on air you know. And I listen with headphone to hear my own voice on air. Song levels, music beds if I use them etc. All things I picked up from other shows and wanted to introduce or try on my own show. 4-6 pm pst! http://kzuu.wsu.edu/kzuuMusicStream.htm

    24 jui. 20h45m Répondre
  • Audiobinge

    That's nice. It's like three to four here and then good shows are six to twelve maybe. But we also play on FM waves and we can't track that. I like to think I have at least six to eight, maaybee ten on any given day. Lots of friends tune in but a lot of them are further east so as my show gets later it's hard for them to stay up and all. Excited to hear your show then and see what it's all about. Working on a playlist kinda for this Thursday but it's not themed at all. Watch for flow and I have two or three show themes planned for later but that's all dependent on time. Sitting down to think and select tracks and EVERYTHING that entails. Sometimes it takes the fun out. I have tossed shows together and had a blast. Think it's more how prepared you feel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMXD1osjToE

    22 jui. 21h33m Répondre
  • Audiobinge

    Do you work on transitions at all. Similar sounding songs so they flow or just play whatever is next on your list? For me the themes are just general ideas. Where I would like the show to go or a "feel" you could say. By now people know what to expect from me. Like bands with a new sound on an album but at the end of the day it's still Radiohead. Initially my show was 2-4 AM and then I had really late shows like 12-2 but when you get into the station for a bit you get better slots. Yeah three hours certainly felt a bit long ha. Usually for short songs, 2 minutes to under three, medium songs 3-4:30 or so. Longer tracks I don't play much since they eat up space but 4:58-5:40. Anything longer and I really feel like you need a reason to play that track. If you're eating up air space it's better to play two 3/4 minute tracks then one 10 minute something by Battles ha. I will be playing a similar Battles track this next show though so I guess I'm a hypocrite. It's just so good though!

    20 jui. 17h35m Répondre
  • Audiobinge

    No commercial at our station so nothing mainstream. Four preview songs an hour or new releases. But yeah it sounds super similar. I've done a few genre shows but generally indie rock. I like the louder and more electronic tracks but it depends on the show. Have a theme or two that usually help me group my songs or a feel for the show but it's just whatever feels right. Generally do an outline or groupings for songs but sometimes I just go off of feel and pick things at random. On air in three hours actually. 4-6 pm pacific time but yeah ha. Long Live college radio.

    17 jui. 20h11m Répondre
  • Audiobinge

    On a Battles page and I saw your comment. Turns out you have a college radio show so that's awesome. I'll check back when the semester starts to see your regular time. What type of music do you play on your show? http://spinitron.com/radio/playlist.php?station=kzuu&ptype=n&sv=l&djuid=93#here Not sure what time I'll be at come fall but anyone that does college radio is awesome. *High Five*

    15 jui. 22h57m Répondre
  • seannzelda

    BTW your music taste is basically identital to my old roommate Debbie. She made me a whole mix cd of basically your top 10 artists... sweeeeeeet

    5 mai 0h58m Répondre
  • seannzelda

    I've been really into Animals as Leaders lately... their self-titled, Weighless, and the new one. Highly recommend! Instrumental, they are awesome.

    5 mai 0h06m Répondre
  • seannzelda

    Any relation to Ryan Seacrest? Haha hope you're well.

    8 avr. 14h19m Répondre
  • gregorymichael

    I like it a lot better lyrically, but as a whole I think I'm preferring Attack on Memory, it's really too early to tell still I've only given it one whole play through, it's certainly not a let down of a release though!

    3 mars 0h04m Répondre
  • gregorymichael

    you can find the cloud nothings record by just googling cloud nothings mediafire now, hope you enjoy it. great taste by the way!

    2 mars 10h29m Répondre
  • waldirbj

    hi L:) love your library

    19 fév. 9h23m Répondre
  • birdturd93

    Hey i have been meaning to ask you, where did you get the new Mac DeMarco album and can you tell me the site please. Thanks

    16 fév. 18h24m Répondre
  • aboynameddirt

    ...Plan out what you're going to talk about and do a few small rehearsals in your head first. Wow, reading back through them, these shouts have been a huge mess. They aren't cohesive or concise at all. Sorry about that. I hope that your exams that you mentioned a week or so ago went well. Oh yeah! Before I go, I have to tell you, I got a job! I now DJ in a bar. I play shitty country and hits music to a bunch of drunken 20 or 30 something's. How lame is that? Fifty bucks for three hours of "work", though. Okay, well, let me know if you need a friend at any point. Take it easy and I'll talk to you soon! :]

    12 fév. 18h01m Répondre
  • aboynameddirt

    As for your radio show, everyone is rough when they start. As cliché as it sounds, you reminded me a lot of myself when I started. I could hear the nervousness in your voice. That's totally natural, though. What helped me out a lot was Sirius XM radio. I would study the way the DJs spoke. Concentrating on the ups and down in their voice, pauses, emotion, etc. It really helped. You can get like a week long free internet subscription at their website without committing to anything or using a credit card. I don't know, it might be useful. But like I said, if you ever have a question about anything, feel free to ask. It does sound like preparation for the DJs is a bit of a mess. That long in between training and going on air is crazy, I understand your frustration as well as your pre-show anxiety. It still makes me a little nervous right before I go live. I think that the biggest part is knowing what you're going to say before you hit the on-air button.

    12 fév. 17h59m Répondre
  • aboynameddirt

    Everyone except the guy at the counter just stared a hole through me. Probably because I wasn't wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a thrift shop sweater in July. The place was crawling with creepy hipsters. They eventually started laughing amongst each other. It was quite embarrassing. Just goes to show how rude some people can be. Oh well, the store was awesome anyway haha. Yeah, "Wonder Years", I mostly liked the lyrics. I felt like I could relate. Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my "wonder years" by sitting in my apartment listening to music. I'm not especially social, not necessarily by choice, but by default. I don't hang out with people much, I don't go to parties, I don't go on dates. But enough of my bitching. Snatch, I haven't heard of that one. I'll check it out sometime and let you know what I think. Vines -- I see those all the time, too. I have no idea what they are.

    12 fév. 17h58m Répondre
  • aboynameddirt

    My friends have mostly drifted away in the last few months, so I can go days without really talking to anyone, so human interaction alone would help haha. Speaking of going to shows, Conor is going to be in Omaha in June. I'm so there, even if it means hours of driving alone and getting lost. I won't miss it. The new song, "Hundreds of Ways" was released the other day. I'm sure you knew that already, though haha. It's a pretty funky song, though. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I'll buy the new album when it comes out either way, though. I get self-conscious at shows as well. I think that some of it has to do with the particular "scene" of music that we're involved in. People can be superficial and judgmental of others when they feel they don't measure up to some pseudo-intellectual standard. For example, I walked into the Saddle Creek Shop in Omaha for the first time and the place just went silent.

    12 fév. 17h57m Répondre
  • aboynameddirt

    Oh, man. No car, huh? That would be rough. Mine breaks down all the time, but I have one haha. But you said you would prefer to walk anyway, so I guess not having a car probably isn't a huge deal to you. Do you just fly back to Vegas for breaks and stuff then? "Nothing is trivial", that's a quote from the Crow, another one of my favorite movies. >.< Anyway, the point is, your pain is just as real as anyone else's. Just because you think someone else's problems might seem bigger compared to your own, that doesn't make yours any smaller. Your problems are serious to you and that means everything. My high school English teacher told me that. It made me feel a lot less selfish about things. I'm kind of the same though. I probably won't provide any life changing revelations that will totally resolve life's struggles, but I'm good at trying. And I appreciate your offer as well, I'll try hard to be outgoing enough to get ahold of you when I'm having a particularly bad day.

    12 fév. 17h56m Répondre
  • aboynameddirt

    I really enjoyed your show! Definitely worth staying up to listen to. If you ever need tips/hints just let me know. Not that I have a wealth of knowledge, but I know a little bit. Great playlist too, by the way. I think it was one of the songs you said you had to play, but I was glad you threw in Savages. Also, that Tegan and Sara song is going to be stuck in my head for the next week, so thanks for that. Anyway, just wanted to give you some feedback, I commend you for going live this late at night. Going live is always nerve racking in the beginning, I can't imagine what it would be like at this time of day.

    4 fév. 8h06m Répondre
  • Excrono

    I'm sorry I dropped off for a long time, I was afraid that I set my expectations way too high for you by saying I'd give a definitive explanation of every Boards of Canada album. So I just ran away from it. As the weeks past I just got more discouraged until it felt comfortable to just not even try. And I never did finish Twin Peaks either... Its been very hard for me to finish things for quite awhile, even if they are amazing. Maybe I just have anxiety about endings, I don't know. its almost like just leaving it hanging is better than having closure. On another not, I think I may have pegged Tomorrow's Harvest after listening to Come to Dust for the hundredth time, and having being moved to tears just hearing it in my head on more than one occasion. I could just be coloring it by emotions, but that is what it has come to mean to me. Anyway, I'm sorry if I came off as a jerk.

    3 fév. 5h23m Répondre
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