My Top 20 of Post-Rock 2008 albums/EP´s


3 jan. 2009, 1h28m

Here is my Top 20 of Post-Rock 2008 albums/EP´s and a review of the Top 6. It was difficult to top this because last year was full of amazing albums. Hope you enjoy the post. In my opinion these were the best ones:

1. God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut
Favorite Song: Echoes
This is the best album of 2008. These guys are awesome and they creat great melodies that transport us to others universes in a journey that goes from the first to the last track. Songs like Shadows, Post Mortem, Echoes, Snowfall,No Return and Zodiac made, in my opinion, their best album. These guys are the Gods of the .

2. Moving Mountains - Pneuma
Favorite Song: 8105
This album is a masterpiece and Moving Mountains are one of the most powerful bands I´ve ever listened. The delicate chords and the creepy/calm vocals culminate in emotional peaks that lead us to the bliss. The sounds of the instruments are related to a smoothly way providing the ideal melodies to the incredible voices of Gregory Dunn and Frank Graniero. All the songs are amazing but in my opinion this are the best ones: Cover The Roots Lower The Stems, Alastika, Fourth, 8105, Sol Solis, Grow on Grow up Grow out and Ode We Will Bury Ourselves.

3. This Will Destroy You - S/T
Favorite Song: Threads
These guys are one of the best bands of the moment and there is no doubt. Songs like Threads, A Three-Legged Workhorse, Leather Wings, They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light, Burial on the Presidio their creativitty and the reason why they are in the third place of my top. Althought I prefer their Young Mountain EP =)

4. Moving Mountains - Foreword
Favorite Song: With One's Heart In One's Mouth
These guys become one of my favorite bands since I´ve listened their Pneuma LP. This EP is awesome and carries all the power, creativitty and greatness that Moving Mountains have. The Gregory Dunn and Frank Graniero voices and guitar riifs/solos, the Mitchell Lee bass and the Nicholas Pizzolato drum are powerful. I highly recommend this band. Press the play button, close your eyes and enjoy the journey through the delicious sounds carefully worked.

5. Catacombe - Memoirs
Favorite Song: Playground Ghosts
This is a project of an portuguese musician (Pedro Sobast) who have composed and realesed all the songs and his first Ep (Memoirs) in an homemade way. Catacombe is usually compared to Isis and Explosions in the Sky due to "the delicate and quiet guitars, strong bass tunings and some aggressive riffs". This brilliant musician presents itself live with the support of other musicians friends. Im proud to have been on their first concert =) I highly recommend this solo project.

6. The Union Trade - Everyday Including
Favorite Song: Self Possesion
The Union Trade is one of the best and bands I´ve ever listened. The calm voices and riffs carefully worked of this album pushed it to sixth place. This album is a masterpiece and that is present in songs like Self Possesion, Talk, Accident Prone, For The Resilient and other ones.

7. Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+Start - Embers
Favorite Song: Our Flowers

8. Fire On The Horizon & From Oceans to Autumn - Split EP
Favorite Song: Morella

9. Followed by Ghosts - Dear Monsters, Be Patient
Favorite Song: Dear Monsters,

10. Lights at Sea - Lights at Sea (ep)
Favorite Song: 19

11. Fossil - Insônia {La Movimentacion Musicale Intermezzo Minimal}
Favorite Song: Desperto

12. EF - I am Responsible
Favorite Song: Soon

13. iLiKETRAINS - The Christmas Tree Ship Ep
Favorite Song: The Christmas Tree Ship

14. This is Your Captain Speaking - Eternal Return
Favorite Song: Part 1

15. September Malevolence - After This Darkness, There's a Next
Favorite Song: I Shut Doors and Windows

16. The American Dollar - A Memory Stream
Favorite Song: Bump

17. Daturah - reverie
Favorite Song: Hybrisma

18. Riding Pânico - Lady Cobra
Favorite Song: E Se a Bela For o Monstro

19. Neil on Impression - L'Oceano delle Onde che Restano Onde per Sempre
Favorite Song: barone

20. Souvenir's Young America - An Ocean Without Water
Favorite Song: Mars Ascendent
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  • adam391

    I think You should check Maybeshewill - Not For Want Of Trying. BTW, thanks for this rank ;]

    3 jan. 2009, 13h26m
  • colesey

    Hi, thanks! I have listened to less post-rock lately, but I think when done really well it's fantastic, and This Will Destroy You did that on their LP. I didn't know Moving Mountains had a new release out, I really love Pneuma too. I will have to check that out, Catacombe and The Union Trade also sound really interesting. My other selections mostly aren't post-rock. I'd say Gregor Samsa are, their first album '55:12' certainly was. I'd recommend both '55:12' and 'Rest' to post-rock fans, even if they're a bit understated. Wilderness are fantastic, they are basically a post-rock band I guess. And finally if you like Isis then I think you MUST have a listen to Wetnurse! Thanks for the list, will give me stuff to investigate for the rest of the holidays!

    4 jan. 2009, 1h20m
  • nunolobao

    thanks for the comment...i will certainly check your recommendations^^

    4 jan. 2009, 4h17m
  • ScarletGarden

    great list, Lights at Sea and Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start are my favorites :)

    4 jan. 2009, 14h36m
  • Master_ov_Khaos

    Some good stuff here, and a lot of stuff that I haven't heard of which I should check out.

    4 jan. 2009, 23h17m
  • manuelmatheu

    good list, i have listen to almost all the albums in there!

    6 jan. 2009, 15h41m
  • suchpower

    I didn't hear the self-titled by GIAA! I'll have to check that one out!

    6 jan. 2009, 22h30m
  • rusty_ronin

    there should be pg.lost in this list..

    15 fév. 2009, 19h26m
  • k0ndor

    where the hell are Vessels? ;] nice ranking nevertheless, no worries

    27 mars 2009, 17h25m
  • Hyst3ria-0325

    pg.lost? vessels? red sparowes? great list though, would have loved to have seen an upcdownc review however ;)

    21 mai 2009, 14h58m
  • rustedempire

    great list.

    14 nov. 2009, 16h30m
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