• The Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour

    24 jan. 2008, 6h31m

    Wed 23 Jan – The Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour

    We made a long drive up from Waterloo and arrived shortly after 6, arriving to a long line up in front of the Mod Club. We waited outside till around 7 and were freezing cold by the time we got in. While waiting in line my buddies decided to go make a stop across the street at the convenience store, and they ran into some of the band members at the cashier, they were looking to spend American money and looking confused after being told they didn't have enough and being told that Canadian currency is pretty much on par with American currency.

    Unfortunately right after getting in we found out that The Cab was missing due to an illness with the vocalist. Fortunately Metro Station, We The Kings and Cobra Starship were all there.

    My only grudge was the short play time that We the Kings had, they were the opening band and only played a few songs, including Skyway Avenue, Secret Valentine, August Is Over and a few others.

    Metro Station followed with a decent amount of time to play, they played all of the songs I hoped for: Control, Kelsey, Seventeen Forever, Shake It, Disco, California and some other songs from their album. It looked like Mason Musso broke one of his finger nails on the guitar in the middle of a song. Trace Cyrus was rocking it out and had a great performance. And it was pretty funny seeing Blake Healy accidentally tip over the synthesizer on some of the audience members after rocking it out.

    Both Metro Station and We The Kings sounded great live, I couldn't of been happier with their performances, they sound amazing live, and they all seem like great guys.

    Finally, Cobra Starship, they took a while to set up, but their performance was highlighted with fancy lighting and a nicer stage set-up then the other bands. I felt the audience was a lot more into Cobra Starship then the other bands, there was a lot more interaction and excitement with them, which was kind of disappointing as I don't feel Cobra Starship is a better band then We The Kings and Metro Station, but i guess them being the headliners explains it.

    The band members on and off stage seemed cool, pretty laid back and not afraid to get up and close with the audience.

    We left mid-way through Cobra Starship's performance as it was getting late and we had a long drive home, and none of us really cared to see the rest of Cobra Starship. On our way out we saw Metro Stations drummer, Anthony Improgo, storm out after apparently being spat on by someone in the audience.

    The Mod Club was a great place to have the concert, however being all-ages it was kind of awkward being some of the more older listeners attending, there was a high presence of younger high schoolers and their parents showing up which at times made fitting in awkward.

    Overall it was a pretty decent concert, but i wish The Cab would have shown up, as i was looking forward to hearing them, and being able to hear We The Kings a little longer.

    Hopefully we'll see all the bands back in Ontario sometime next year.
    In the mean time i look forward to seeing All Time Low, The Rocket Summer, and Forever the Sickest Kids at the 2008 AP Tour in April.