• firstladymb

    I have been highly addicted to top five lists since Nick Hornby wrote that book! I would love to argue my top five, but it would probably take me all night to narrow it down and select the winners. I really just wanted to say that I LOVE top five lists and I LOVE your photoshopping (it took me a minute to see you in that picture). I do know that I would absolutely include the Clueless soundtrack; Counting Crow Ghost in You, Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees...it changed my life...

    14 jan. 2007, 7h27m
  • DeaconBlues311

    How can you skip a great side one track one. You're Gonna Miss Me make a very solid beginning to the High Fidelity album. It's hard to argue your #1 when I haven't even listened to it, the rest of your list is quite solid though.

    15 jan. 2007, 0h32m
  • Pi_Puppids

    I'd include Blow-Up and A Hard Day's Night...

    1 avr. 2008, 23h22m
  • Hanthcan

    Two outsiders for your list (and mine ;>): Heavy Metal (1981) Jacob's Ladder (1990) "The Harder They Come"? Never seen nor heard. Rush to search for it! Bye

    31 mai 2008, 11h06m
  • mutinyonark

    curtis mayfield's "superfly" ost ..hands down

    1 mai 2012, 14h42m
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