ambient black metal atmospheric black metal belgian black metal bestial black metal black metal blackened death metal blackened thrash metal boring slam slam waste of time brutal death metal brutal deathgrind brutal technical death metal complete annihilation death metal death thrash metal death-doom metal death-thrash metal deathgrind depressive suicidal black metal desert rock epic atmospheric black metal essential death metal extreme progressive metal finnish death metal folk metal goregrind great breakdown grim melancholic black metal to ponder upon your life while sitting in a dark forest… grindcore guitar virtuoso i will play this after butchering my moron teacher industrial black metal instrumental rock les legions noires melodic black metal melodic death metal melodic technical death metal mesopotamian metal metal monk approved new wave of old school death metal of epic fucking proportions old school death metal old school thrash metal open the coffin and undress the bodies and unearth the erotica pagan black metal power metal prepare a skin graft from my ass because this song just melted my face off progressive blackened death metal progressive death metal progressive metal progressive viking metal psychedelic trance psytrance raw black metal secret metal jewels slam brutal death metal stoner rock swedish black metal swedish death metal symphonic black metal technical brutal death metal technical death metal technical grind death technical metal technical progressive metal technical thrash metal thrash metal total fucking war true norwegian black metal trve grim and frostbitten norwegian black metal ultra trance technical progressive death metal to erect your phallus usbm viking metal war metal