Beyond Creation, The Aura - 07/X/2.011


7 oct. 2011, 18h09m

With any half-decent record, a strong opening track colours your perception of the rest of the album; think of how well 'Angel of Death' sets up Reign in Blood. So when Beyond Creation's The Aura opens with the muddled 'No Request for the Corrupted', it seems that it will be a long fifty minutes. Their technical ability is present in spades, and there are plenty of great ideas, but none of them are given time to settle and develop, and the modus operandi seems to be to disorientate listeners.

The crucial first impression is thus one of a band approaching '' in the easiest way they can: to throw as many ideas as possible at a wall and see what sticks. But once the s settle down and pace their ideas, the results are astounding. Second track ‘Coexistence’ and the Chromatic Horizon’ are a vast improvement on the opener, a pair tracks packed full of Necrophagist-worshipping riffs that provide a vital second wind for the album. From here on in, the Québécois quartet do not focus so much on trying to appear frantic and instead present ten consistently impressive tracks that flow effortlessly between each part and between each song.

The Aura is a remarkable first full-length release, and while the tech- parts are not anything that hasn’t been seen before, the way that they combine with the slower, more expansive passages, particularly in the title track and final, sprawling epic that is ‘The Deported’, make for a record that succeeds in being an accessible and intelligent record. A fretless bass that doesn’t quite work in the rapid-fire parts, alongside an over-edited drum track and a heavy use of the double-kick pedal will initially irritate, but upon the third or fourth release The Aura will be burrowing deep in to your brain. With this record, Beyond Creation have definitely staked a claim as one of the more interesting bands to emerge this year.
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