Twenty Eleven Favourites So Far


22 mai 2011, 13h48m

An alphabetical, rolling assortment of the new stuff being enjoyed here in Deadwood.

alva noto & riuichi sakamoto - Summvs
Piano phrases hover and break at right angles like little dragonflies, delicate to our eyes but realised here as the fiercely predatory tigers of their sinister airborne world.

Andy Stott - Passed Me By
The reflection of the thing where your face should be warps, bends, shimmers and blurs as you stare drowsily down at the space between your feet. Several minutes pass before you realise that insanely deep thudding you thought to be the blood inside your skull is in fact someone knocking at your door

David Thomas Broughton - Outbreeding
"I feel sorry for all those folks I could've been quite good friends with / It's not like I was drunk when I said that stuff, you know I just can't work out what my problem is"

Deaf Center - Owl Splinters
The grandfathers of all things Miasmah-esque return with some similarly ominous soundtracks to wrongdoing. It feels like a more divided, binary Deaf Center this time around, but while there's nothing as head-scythingly totalitarian as Weir here, it's another finely balanced study in fear and loathing

Grouper - A I A (Dream Loss / Alien Observer)
In which Liz decides she's emerged about as far out of that well as she intends to. A brilliant rewrite of her trademark sound, a fantastic exercise in sequencing, and possibly the best album(s) of 2011 so far

Isolee - Well Spent Youth
Away from the Ambient Ocean, and the Sea Of Electro-acoustic Improvisation, there's a smaller body of water I like to contemplate, the Puddle Of Microhouse. Populated mostly by Chilean tadpoles and European pondskaters, it's also home to the rarely-glimpsed German Water Snail, Isolee (Planorbis Isoleus), a patient and deceptively beautiful little fellow who, sadly, is believed to be threatened with extinction due to loss of habitat.

Jasper TX - The Black Sun Transmissions
Reliably transporting ambience

Junior Boys - It’s All True
Snap, crackle and increasingly pop

Kaboom Karavan - Barra Barra
Absorbing acoustic doom from Belgium. Hard to say no.

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Ways Of Meaning
A prettier, more focussed set from the American. It appeals to the Stars of the Lid fan in me, and is the best reading music of the year.

Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello - Acute Inbetweens
Antipodean ambience extraordinaire

Lee Noble - No Becoming
The underrated sound of a man who had the presence of mind to record himself being accidentally washed down his own sink

Machinefabriek - Patina (with Tim Caitlin) / Grower (with Gareth Davis) / Bad Fortune / Apollo / Mort Aux Vaches (with Peter Broderick)
More peerless peerings into the machinery of Machinefabriek's brilliant brain

Moritz von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structures
Like a candy floss machine designed by Gustav Klimt

Mountains - Air Museum
There's this one track, it's called 'Newsprint', right? Anyway, it's really great, it just sort of fizzes and speckles and builds, doesn't do much else, and there's this slight keening noise under its swell, it sort of reminds me a bit of 'Pink Meadow', my favourite one off that Mike Shiflet album that came out last year. Anyway, it's very, very good, and I can't quite see past it at the moment. Mounatins are always like that - I've never loved an album of theirs all the way through, or vbeen completely convinced that they even know their own strengths, but when they do get it right, it really hits the spot.

Natural Snow Buildings - Waves Of The Random Sea / Chants Of Niflheim
Misty mythology and watery wonders from everyone's favourite French halflings

Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise
Cool and catchy - the 'came from nowhere' surprise of the year album

Ø - Heijastuva

Panda Bear - Tomboy
I don't really understand 90% of the discussion of this album, but I do really like it.

Robyn Hitchcock - Tromsø, Kaptein
Rid of the troublesome Venus 3, and embellished with sumptuous cello and vocals from Jenny Adejayan, Robe quietly unleashes his best album since 'Jewels For Sophia' here.

Stephan Mathieu - A Static Place / Remain
MInd-meltingly wonderful drones. Like Coldstream last year, Mathieu has distilled the form to something pure and intense. Like standing with your nose pressed up against Rothko's Seagram murals, and then backing away, millimetre by millimetre, split-second by split-second

Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972
A restless, angry and ambitious new release from the Canadian. Ben Frost's presence is clearly felt on a deeply affecting and far-reaching album of epic church-drone

Twells & Christensen - Coasts
Two slabs of superbness

Wet Hair - In Vogue Spirit / Radiant Lines 7"
Best yet from former Raccoo-oo-oon man, Shawn Reed produces a much more fully-realised and filler-free album of propulsive pych jams


  • frolix22

    Absolutely love the new stuff from Grouper.

    28 mai 2011, 10h24m
  • risK49

    Simply wonderful list! The only ones I don't have myself are Kyle Bobby Dunn, Robyn Hitchcock & Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello. Which I will search out today. No Hans Bouffmyhre? Don't know if ya saw my list? Also check out my mixes Here. Great comment about the Lee Noble, really liked that album!

    28 mai 2011, 11h30m
  • airfigaro

    Thanks for sharing. I window of opportunity has opened. My ears will be pleased.

    28 mai 2011, 13h51m
  • acidtongue

    the caretaker! belong!

    28 mai 2011, 16h44m
  • Heliosphaner

    great choice, especially Tim Hecker, Andy Stott, Kaboom Karavan and Deaf Center, the rest I will check soon :>

    28 mai 2011, 17h09m
  • Meatbreak

    Peaking Lights is a big oversight, but this list is absolutely beautiful, lush absorbing music. I haven't heard all of these yet, this is great recommendation to get on the last few. Thanks for this.

    28 mai 2011, 21h42m
  • exotic248

    Greatly appreciated! I'm going to check out all the recommendations and come back here to report. Also Urge everyone to check out Cinnamon Chasers - Science. Thank you !

    29 mai 2011, 9h34m
  • exotic248

    Also "Blood box - Funeral in an empty room"

    30 mai 2011, 9h38m
  • ecstaticsound

    great list! haven't heard a bunch of these. thanks. may i suggest: peaking lights - 936 ga'an - ga'an caretaker - empty bliss beyond this world belong - common era sean mccann - the capital

    4 juin 2011, 20h08m
  • Dusty_Screams

    thank you so much!

    6 juin 2011, 8h12m
  • Springsteen

    excellent list. Thank you.

    10 jui. 2011, 19h39m
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