5 4 time aether amazing ambient anti-suicide apocalypse ascending into space atmospheric audible drugs avant-garde badass drumming bands not from the place in their name best riff best song on blood mountain blacker than the blackest black times infinity blues brann dailor is my master buckethead being lazy chillout classic rock classical climbing a mountain dance dark depressing dreamy drowned in sound electronic emo epic experimental first in space floating around in a dream floating in space garage rock gas station savant genius goons hardcore head in the clouds high tempo hip hop holy fuck i am ahab idm indie indie pop indie rock involves screaming but it is not even close to screamo it wears her out jammy indie rock japanese japanese blues metal shoegaze jazz late at night with the person you love the most resting their head upon your shoulder looking out your window and seeing snow lost in space math rock melancholy metal midwest emo modern urban emptiness music for the aftermath of the apocalypse neurotic punk pact with the devil pick it up post-hardcore post-rock progressive metal progressive rock psychedelic punk punk blues real coffee from the hills of columbia riding a subway to work riding out to sea rock running around on an autumn day running into a wall sailing into battle seen live shoegaze shred mania sitting on a stump playing acoustic guitar slowly walking away smoking a cigarette in downtown nyc so metal your face melts songs that could be about robots sounds like rain space space rock st louis straight out of a shitty bar downtown technical as hell that riff this song makes me feel smart tribalish unstoppable warm music windy day in an open field