• Distribution and habitat of some species of psychedelic mushrooms

    1 mai 2010, 5h35m

    Geographically, species in this genus are found throughout the world in most biomes, with the exception of high deserts. Of the 60 species of Psilocybe that occur in the United States, 25 are hallucinogenic. For the bluing Psilocybe, the greatest species diversity seems to be in the neotropics, from Mesoamerica through Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Psilocybe are found in a variety of habitats and substrates. Many of the bluing species found in temperate regions, such as Psilocybe cyanescens, seem to have an affinity for landscaped areas mulched with woodchips and are actually rather rare in natural settings removed from human habitation. Contrary to popular belief, only a minority of Psilocybe species, such as P. coprophila and P. cubensis, grow directly on feces. Many other species are found in habitats such as mossy, grassy, or forest humus soils.

    Approximate known range of Psilocybe cubensis

    Approximate known range of Psilocybe cyanescens