• If You Can't Find Aaliyah's Music....

    8 mai 2012, 7h22m

    Itunes doesn't have all of Aaliyah's music uploaded so these are my alternatives:

    1.Imesh has all of her albums and each download is free until the 30 day trial is over and you have to create an account.

    2.4shared other users upload files and music and nearly all of Aaliyah's music is uploaded on there.It's free and downloads take 30 seconds.

    4.Datpiff a lot of great fan made Aaliyah mixtapes are uploaded I have 3 on my ipod

    5.If I can't find a download link for an Aaliyah song I convert it off youtube with
  • How Old Were You When You Fully Realized You Were an Aaliyah Fan?

    3 mai 2012, 4h01m

    I knew of Aaliyah when she was alive but I was still a young girl so mainstream music wasn't really my interest I was too busy watching Blue's Clues and The Powerpuff Girls LOL But when Aaliyah started doing soundtracks for kids movies like Dr Doolittle and Anastasia I realized who she was but I wasn't a fan because I was really young.In the year of 2005 or 2006 I research Aaliyah's biography and searched for fan pages on Myspace I learned more knowledge about who she was and her life and I saw who I was at the time and who I wanted to be in life as I got older and I became an INSTANT FAN!I found out about her long before I discovered her music,but when I did discover her music I went bonkers lol Not only did she have the style,personality,and charisma but Aaliyah made hot music too!I was 13 when I fully became a fan! Aaliyah
  • New Aaliyah Album in the works!

    5 mars 2012, 4h22m

    Apparently one of Aaliyah's producer tweeted about an album being released consisting of unreleased material!Hopefully this is true and I really hope Team Aaliyah could make post on all their social networks to get the word out in support of Aaliyah!Here is the officially link to the article and one of the first sources to leak info about it please spread the word in support of Aaliyah and her legacy!
  • Domestic Violence

    22 fév. 2012, 6h41m

    I've seen a lot of people try to make Chris and Rihana the poster children for the issue of domestic violence and I honestly think that their incident helps shine a light on domestic violence but not in the right way.I feel like people focus on Chris and Rihanna individually rather than the issue of domestic violence which I feel is more important.I've seen people attack Chris and call him a "woman beater" due to his mistake but what they fail to realize is attacking an "abuser" will not stop the issue or cycle of domestic violence.Just like the victim of abuse needs help so does the abuser.People who have expressed their dislike for Chris due to the incident claim they do it in support of the issue but verbally abusing someone won't solve the issue at hand.Chris shouldn't receive "special treatment" because he is a celebrity but he should receive help so he doesn't repeat the same mistake again and end up hurting someone else.If people would focus more so on helping victims of abuse and abusers seek help and treatment then maybe the domestic violence rate and violence against women would decrease.My views and opinions do not exist because I am a "fan" of Chris Brown because in all honesty I don't even listen to his music and I only have one song by him on my iPod.I am not making this post because I support Chris I am making it because women die everyday due to being abused by their partner and instead of focusing on helping those women and potentially helping the abuser, people choose to focus on the celebrities which is wrong to me.People are selfishly choosing to speak on Chris and Rihanna instead of using their voice as a platform to help others in need which is very disappointing to me. If you'd like to express your opinion about this journal please do so in a mature and respectful manner not in an immature and childish way.Even though I'm not an adult personally,I'd like to get other people's opinions on my point of view so I can get an insight on the way others feel about both Chris and Rihanna and the issue of domestic violence in a non childish way.Chris Brown,Rihanna
  • People are delusional and obsessed for liking Aaliyah?

    6 fév. 2012, 22h51m

    Whenever I tell people that I love Aaliyah I always get little remarks like "Why do you like Aaliyah she's been gone for a decade" and I always hear and see people making jokes about Drake being obsessed,but just recently a song leaked by Nicki Minaj and she was singing about Marilyn Monroe and no one called her delusional and crazy and I just don't get it!God puts people on this Earth for a reason and just because they are taken away from us we aren't supposed to appreciate them and be inspired by them because they are deceased?Aaliyah accomplished quite a bit in her 7 year career and the fact that she maintained her morals and self respect is very inspirational to me and that's one of the many things about her that made me become a fan.If that makes me "delusional", "obsessed",and "crazy" then so be it because Aaliyah has definitely inspired me and she is my idol and that won't ever change regardless of what other say *shrugs*Aaliyah