• omoshiroi hakken

    25 jan. 2010, 18h01m

    it's like lining up slots. jackpot!!

    gosh, i didn't realize i listened to Katakiri and Shimotsuki that many times.
    Chatarin on the other hand is well on her way to make the top three. fufu.
  • random musing (imasara)

    29 août 2008, 0h55m

    i've always wondered why she listed the Utaware tv soundtrack in her list of recommendations on her blog. i checked the credits but i didn't see her name there.

    but i never bothered to make out the kanji of the composer's name.....
    until now.

    so... 仲村美悠 = Refio Myu?
  • 70k plays

    17 fév. 2008, 10h15m

    i noticed that my number of tracks played was at 69,99x...
    so i decided to stick around to see what would be the 70,000th track.

    ....which is "Dear.Friend" by 水樹奈々. pachi pachi pachi pachi~

    how do people keep track of these things... >_>
  • random musings

    18 déc. 2007, 21h39m

    i was looking up 岩本正樹's works when my eye caught a certain song title that made me think masaka...? sono masaka.
    it's the original version for that orchestral piece on 四季... well a live version, anyway. nice. wonder how it'd sound like if it were covered by...

    Innocent Key is really good. i'm saying this only having heard the samples on their site, but they. sound. awesome.
  • and so the black ant prevails....

    7 avr. 2007, 5h55m

    ankoku tengoku is FULL-BLOWN KURO-ARI lol! imagine all the innocent young minds ALI PROJECT is poisoning. XDDD
    and soubi kakei is freaking awesome~ *dies*

    .....sorry, i just had to say that. can't wait to see how the kaibutsu oujo ending turns out.

    oh, hey hey, it's my first entry here...