adelleda is adelleda backwards alternative aural sex best alexis song by far best riffage ever best song brand new ever wrote best song ever written full stop best song off the new album best thrice song ever best thrice song since see you in the shallows british british metal but this is still a choon but ultimately satisfying and catchy canada cheesy and generic choon choon you better believe it choon of the highest calibre classic daydream definitely the best norma jean song ever dwp are a bunch of whiny fucks but this song is ace enter shikari do my head in epic evil choon flipping awesome fuck horse - this is real nintendo-core gives me goosebumps godlike great choon great lyricists guilty pleasure i cant really describe how awesome it is in words i do ciara until the cows came home i w ish tom would touch me the way he touches his guitar is this song i would give my left foot to see this song played live id swear this was botch if i didnt know it was norma jean indie insane lets dance lets do this lock the doors turn off the lights rip off all your clothes manchester million deads finest moment murder musical cheese musical cheese - but i like it oh canada oh my gosh this song is so awesome one of the best intros ever one of the best songs ever written one of the few decent ffaf songs palindrome perfection period pitch harmonics pop punk positive pretty much the best song ever punk pure fucking awesome british metal bitches rawrrrrrrrrr reminds me of youth rest in peace riffage-a-plenty rock scouse 4 life screw you sex sex sex sexy shame about the rest of the album sometimes you forget just how awesome this song is synth the chorus of this song is so true the gorgeous the most beautiful song ever written the most fantastic song ever written forever and ever amen the most perfect song written - ben weinman you talented fuck theres just something about this song that makes it excellent this is my ringtone and it shits me up every time my phone rings this song is ace until that guy starts singing this song is so awesome it makes me orgasm without me having to even touch myself this song is the sex this song makes me want to have sex with the next person i see totally chilled out uk uk punk uplifting when alexis were good when incubus were good whenever i hear this song i want to dance foolishly wonderful