• ATR Bottom Lounge 10/1/10

    20 oct. 2010, 9h03m

    When I heard ATR was on tour the 16 year old rivet punk in my danced a little. I still listen to them when they shuffle onto my Itunes but not with the intensity I did back in my younger days.
    Once they came on the stage I was compelled to throw myself into the pile of flailing limbs and dance around like some wild ritual, the likes of which I haven't partaken of in nearly 6 years. There is something about the loud, often times naive message that speaks to an oppressed and angry youth, it gets us excited for a moment and makes us feel the power of our numbers, if only just to hear the noise we make. It was a good time my only complaints were the choice of opening acts, neither of which was a good match for ATR's sound at all, I spent most of their runs smoking or talking...yeah not my bag.
    I normally don't enjoy 18 plus shows, the crowd is usually to obnoxiously young for me but it was actually pretty fitting for this show and the younger crowd was allot more fun then the older seasoned rivetheady folks.
    So it was a night of nostalgia, pit dancing, and riotous debauchery, it was fun to be a rebel with a loosely determined cause again for a night before heading back out into the rainy cold bike ride home that felt like a bad comparison to adulthood....

    and then I got hit by a cab....the end

    Atari Teenage Riot
  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Chicago Metro 10/4/08

    5 oct. 2008, 18h12m

    Sat 4 Oct – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Fashion Bomb

    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult show-
    The night started off with my lovely companion and I deciding that the opening bands where not worth seeing and heading to Pick-me-Up to wait for TKK's set to start. why because the music was slightly better and the beer is slightly cheaper (and they had hot cider!). we waited out the opening acts there where we where assaulted by the sounds of some ladies around my moms age on a "girls night out" playing board a restaurant...what ever? Much to our disappointment we didn't quite estimate correctly the time it would take for the opening bands to shut up and get there shit off the stage so we caught the last half of Axel Rose incarnate playing something awful that sounded strangely like Welcome to the jungle followed by something even more awful that sounded like sweet child o mine. He tried to communicate with the audience but what came out was a slur of drunken syllables followed by some screaming...and that raccoon makeup?
    Any way finally the main event! TKK! busted on to the stage (well actually they just kinda strolled) and the crowd was siked, perhaps it was because they would finally never have to hear that last band again but I'm sure it was also the excitement of seeing TKK. They had a great stage presence with an almost effortless charisma that entertained even the most docile spectator. When I say they I refer mostly to the two vocalists Frankie Nardiello and who ever the hot chick with them now is (no offense I just haven't kept up) speaking of which can someone tell me who that blond chick on stage was (I assume the awkward looking gentleman trying to hide in the scenery was her significant other). TKK's set was really good i was excited to hear them play older stuff like Cooler than Jesus, Sex on wheelz and ...Cuz it's Hot among other old favorites I can't remember now. The show was alot of fun but really what else would you expect from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, who haven't calmed down much since their start in the late 80's. I'm just glad I was able to see them before they decided to call it quits...that is if they ever do.