• 07/16/13

    16 jui. 2013, 21h24m

    *below is a post that I left in a forum thread that was created (I'm supposing) for staff to post status updates addressing a lengthy period when their servers were down and the songs that users of the site were listening to were not being cataloged. Or worse, many people were having listened tracks duplicated in large multiples, significantly skewing the credibility of their personal charts for a day. At the point of posting this, there had accumulated 19 long pages worth of distress signals, and pleas for more updates, or any light of reason to shine through the vast darkness.

    The surprisingly large turnout of sheer freakouts brought out by the Great Outage of 2013 has had me kinda pondering... I don't think many people recognize just how many of us "First World"ers are rife with psychological complexes due to dissociative, reality-distancing technology and this little whacked out, hormonally raging, stunted social system of ours pretty much impels us to act out, abstracting everything for survival, or else retreat inside ourselves, severing the bridge between dreams and mediocre reality. Of course I'm only really talking about myself, as societal problems are ALWAYS actually MY problems with society. I'm as far from an activist as you can get and I only ever really do "take action" if there is a super-obvious call for it right in front of me... Otherwise, I just sit back and observe the construct.

    ANYway, what has provoked me to leave this already-too-long post is the way that a lot of people reacted to having a slightly altered music-scrobbling record for the "torturously" long period of a whole day :-P I don't mean to be offensive, but seriously, some of you who may be reading this should lighten up a little. Be open to change and embrace our unavoidable master chⒶos. I am saying this as one of you. I too torture myself, banging against the boundaries of obsession. Recognizing that point where you start to turn on your own best interest is a subtle art that can only ever be more refined by our human perception.

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on my blather ^__^
  • 10/29/10

    29 oct. 2010, 20h54m

    The dismal chorus of desperate cries for attention that literally litter this site display a stark contrast in pitch and tone to the otherwise sonorous promises of freedom that decorate this loose, yet taught web.
    Perhaps the recent insurgent reduction of music into 'noise' is a reflection of this new-age rejection of the gift of space and choice. Premature birthday presents for a stumbling generation of cyborgs trying to escape from their iPods.
    We aren't ready yet...
  • 10/15/10

    16 oct. 2010, 0h18m

    I was just scrobbling a particular artist. Preceding the initial playing of the album, I was confronted by the ultimatum of whether to leave the album tag as (album name)(Disc 1) or to delete (Disc 1) and just tag it as (album name)... Universally, in the realm of this website, the majority vote agrees that leaving such distinguishments that denote for example which disc the album is in a multidisc set, or whether it is a 7" or 12", or if a track is a 'bonus track' or 'hidden track', etc. are too specific and sully the real material of the name. From now on I will never question how to tag anything here. I will delete these specifications. Also, EVERY album and artist should have art/visual representation uploaded to it. Also, there should be no need for moderators on this website except for avoiding hackers. The rise in teen suicide over 'internet bullying' is ridiculous and should be seen as a collective unconscious need to lower the population of a sickened society and, at the same time, plead to fill the memory gaps of western tradition.
    That is all for now...