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À propos de moi

I have an awful habit of not replying to shouts or friend requests, even when I would like to talk to you. If this happens, please give me a virtual prod. Sorry. :/

I have perfect pitch. And a Voivod t-shirt. Because I've just seen them live, OH YES. Where 'just' now means 'last June'. AND JUST NOW AGAIN. YES. AND AWAY SHOOK MY HAND ABOUT FIVE TIMES. MORE IF YOU COUNT SHAKING HANDS BEFORE THEIR ENCORE. AND BLACKY GAVE ME A BASS PICK. 'Just' there was two years ago. And just now again. And now I have two more Voivod shirts. And everyone signed my Dimension Hatröss backpatch. And Away photobombed. AND THEY PLAYED JACK LUMINOUS AND AND AND

Bands I' ve seen live more than once:
Voivod (x3)
Ancient Ascendant (x7)
Haar (x2)
Black Spiders (x2)
Virus (x2)
Sepuku (x3)
Necroriser (x3)
Astrohenge (x2)
Gentlemans Pistols (x2)
Cressida (x2, probably the only person my age to have done so as well)
Grand Magus (x3)
Desolator (x4)
Cavity Search (x2)
Benediction (x3)
Bolt Thrower (x2)
Judas Priest (x2)
Witchsorrow (x2, x4)
Death Row (changed their name to Death Head, x2)
Bloodshot Dawn (x2)
Mayhem (x2)
Seprevation (x2)
Flayed Disciple (x2)
Cythraul (x2)
Gama Bomb (x3)
Vreid (x2)
Aura Noir (x2)
Electric Wizard (x2)
Decrepid (x2)
Carpathia (x2)
De Profundis (x4)
Spartan Warrior (x3)
Deep Machine (x2)
Holocaust (x4, x5)
Atragon (x3)
Maelstrom (x3)
Man Made Origin (x4)
Bleed From Within (x2)
Cnoc An Tursa (x3)
Falloch (x2)
Killer Hurts (x2)
Common Gods (x4)
Semperfi (x2)
Exile The Traitor (x4)
Rex Shachath (x2)
Disaster Area (x8)
Toledo Steel (x3)
Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta (x4)
Norderobring (x2)
Bonesaw (x2)
Storm of Embers (x3)
Cancerous Womb (x3)
Pyre of the Earth (x2)
Party Cannon (x2)
Threshold Sicks (x2)
Monument (x2)

seen live 1+ times (337 artists, last seen: Outloud)
Metal from London
Metal from Scotland. This is my scene now

Most of the classical music I have on iTunes lists the orchestra and conductor instead of the composer as the artist. I am disinclined to change this because then I lose this information (unless I put it in the track's comments, which isn't a good compromise for me). This is why my composer playcounts appear to be low.

My favourite composer at the moment ever is Shostakovich. If I had scrobbled everything under his name instead of those of the respective orchestras, he would be around sixth or seventh in my overall charts. That's not bad considering that I often can't listen to my favourite music very much (the same with Dimension Hatröss, my favourite album, which I went a period of three or four years without listening to). Shostakovich is perfection, even if he really likes killing violinists' arms with the endings of his symphonies.
I'm also trying to work through my distaste for Stravinsky (both the man and his music) at the moment, focusing on the Rite of Spring. I do really enjoy Symphony of Psalms, so I suppose that's a start.
Recommendations welcome for any 'classical' (probably mostly Romantic-20th century).

Because everyone (literally) is doing it:

I know my overall Voivod playcount is ridiculous. Go away.

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