MXP4 Launches Interactive Single With Basement Jaxx And Dave Stewart As The First…


6 jui. 2009, 20h16m

PARIS--MXP4 today announces Basement Jaxx and Dave Stewart as the first British music acts to launch an interactive single based on its interactive digital music solution. Basement

Jaxx is using MXP4's interactive single widget to showcase its brand new single, Raindrops, which was a new entry into the UK charts at number 21 on 28th June. Fans can go online at to use MXP4's REMIX IT module - to play with remixes of Raindrops and create their own music experience.

Dave Stewart's company, Weapons of Mass Entertainment, will be engaging fans at and with MXP4 interactive singles such as Cindy Gomez' song 'Again and Again', which will include lyrics in three languages. The Eurythmics' single, Sweet Dreams, written with Annie Lennox, will allow fans to play DJ by switching between versions.

Dave Stewart says: "MXP4 have created a cool way to pack a load of information into a fun to use widget which is so easy to play and share."

The MXP4 solution re-invents the 'single' experience by incorporating exclusive content, and enables fans to play with music in new ways, for instance remixing different versions of a track or muting vocals to create a karaoke version. All this, along with text such as cover notes and tour dates, comes together in one seamless music experience. Artists are also using the MXP4 solution to engage with fans by launching online 'remix' competitions.

Consumers can use different MXP4 modules to:
* MIX IT: Take out specific instruments to play along or listen to different versions
* SING IT: Re-discover lyrics and play with it by muting/adding the vocals
* REMIX IT: Discover and play with remixes to create their own version
* MAX IT: Discover a maxi extended version of a song and enjoy a different music experience each time they play a song.

Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4, says: "The adoption of our technology by such successful British artists gives us an exciting indication that the music industry is recognising the potential of the interactive music experience. The industry is evolving, whilst consumers want the opportunity to play with the music and consume it in new ways. MXP4 allows labels and artists to deliver that experience, whilst embracing new promotional and revenue opportunities. It's great to see established British artists leading the way."

Artists already using MXP4 solutions to deliver an interactive 'single' experience and engage more closely with fans include:
* black and white years:
* The Grouch and Eligh:
* Pony Pony Run Run:
* Sliimy:
* Wax Tailor:

About MXP4
MXP4 develops interactive music solutions that are changing the music experience for consumers by allowing them to play with the music. MXP4 delivers an interactive digital music experience which enables the music industry to explore new revenue opportunities and engage more closely with consumers.

Based in Paris, the company was founded in 2006 by Gilles Babinet, Sylvain Huet and Philippe Ulrich. Albin Serviant (former GM at Vivendi Mobile Entertainment and MUSIWAVE CMO) is CEO, whilst industry leading board members include JF Cecillon (former CEO of EMI Music) and Jordan Greenhall (former CEO and Chairman of DivX). The company is backed by A-list investors Sofinnova Partners and Ventech.

About the MXP4 interactive single
The MXP4 interactive single is an evolution from the music only MP3 file. Fully interactive, it incorporates remixable singles, multiple track versions and text such as cover notes in a single music file.


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