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23 avr. 2012, 23h12m

Saturday night was AMAZING!! I've been waiting and waiting for this show ever since the Pioneer album came out. Obsessed doesn't even cover it. I haven't loved an album from start to finish in a very very long time. I had a lot of high expectations for this show. I wanted it to be perfect musically. I loved the album so much I'd be crushed if live it didn't hold up. The Maine were at their best and I would love to relive that night over and over.

So first, Arkells come out. They're awesome, check them out if you haven't heard them. I was hoping John O' Callaghan (lead singer of The Maine) was going to come out and sing "On Paper" with them, since he did it in Texas. But, he didn't come out, *pout*. I was so bummed. But I did enjoy the song anyway, it's probably my favorite song on the album. Which btw, was sold for five bucks at the show. So glad I didn't buy it online for 12. PLUS got a free EP with it, that had the song with John on it. SCORE.

Back to the show, Arkells end up doing a cover by Hall & Oats. It was so much fun. My friend and I were singing and being silly, it was like flashback to childhood for us lol. Then they had Kennedy & Jared (Guitarist for The Maine) come out and play with them on "Agent Zero" That was fun, it was obvious Kennedy was loving it.

After Arkells it was Lydia. Who I never was a fan of. Pretty much the whole band separated. Leighton and Craig are the only ones left, plus a bunch of Aussie boys who joined them. The sound is different, but I still can't really get into them. But I won't mind taking the hot guitarist home with me lol.. I ended up watching Patrick (drummer of The Maine) standing side stage enjoying the show, he's always supported Lydia. I sometimes wonder if bands support because they like the music or because they are friends.. Anywho, the music was just too mellow for me, and to be honest all the new songs sound exactly the same. I actually got really tired and lost all my energy through this set. I will point out no matter if I can't get into an opening band, I never show disrespect. It's a huge pet peeve of mine when I go to a show and people are being rude to a band. There will be fans of that band in the audience, so stay respectful.

Finally The Maine come out, and immediately I had a rush of adrenaline. My friend and I both agree, out of all the times we've seen them, this is by far the best show they have ever done. I think it has a lot to do with them having freedom. There is no label telling them what to do right now. The album was created on their own and this tour is coming out of their own pockets. The energy onstage was completely different then their past tours. They sounded freakin' awesome. They did an hour and forty-five minute set which had me in bliss. I screamed, sang loud, and moved to the music. Loved every second of the show. Even the in between dialog, which with those boys is always entertaining. I recorded the whole set, except one song when I had to switch out the battery. But it was a song I've heard a million times before. So no big. I just loved hearing Pioneer live, and some of the oldies that I actually never got to see live because it was before they really were known. They also changed those old songs up to make them more fresh which was nice.

I left the show on a high, and I wish I was able to go to Tampa last night to see them again. But, money put a stop to that thought. Oh well, maybe next time. I'm definitely happy with having just the one night. If my soul could sing out, it would be doing so right now.. We didn't bother staying to meet the band. Only ones we haven't met before was Pat and John. And as much as I want to meet them, I just can't stand dealing with the fans, so we opted to just skip it. Stay on the concert high and not let anyone bring it down.

Here's a video from the show, to see the rest of the concert go over to my youtube channel! :)

Also thought, I'd share one of the vids I took of the Arkells


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