• The Mysterious Curt Saunders

    14 mai 2012, 10h12m

    There was movement in the spare room upstairs as though someone was
    living in it. Catherine Jackson walked up the stairs to see what was making
    this noise. She got to the spare room and slowly opened the door. There was someone inside the room... A tall figure was hiding in the shadow. There was
    no light in the room as the light bulb had smashed and the glass was
    shattered and all over the floor. This strange figure started to talk; it had a
    dark, deep terrifying voice like the lowest key on the piano. It was then that
    this scary voice was coming from a man. He could have been labelled ‘Jack
    the Ripper’ as he was wearing a top hat, a cloak that went down to his ankles and carrying a black Gladstone bag. She was so scared that she walked out of the spare room and went into her own room and locked the door. This man stopped at the door and tried to kick it open. How did he manage to get in the house?

    She thought he had gone so she unlocked the door and walked out trying to
    keep her eyes shut so if the man was there she would just think it was a nightmare. She saw a blurry figure and opened her eyes. He had managed to bring her to the living room with his mind. He took of his hat. He was bald, had big ears, cut eyebrows like gangsters have and dark brown eyes. He took of the long cloak. She realised his whole body was full up with tattoos. He had a few skull ones, one with the name which she thought was ‘Jack the Ripper’ but she wasn’t sure and one was satanic. He seemed calmer now. She let out a deep breath before saying “Hi I’m Catherine Jackson, what’s your name?” He said with his deep voice, “I am Curt Saunders, I’m sorry that I am here. See I used to live here before you moved in. I wanted to know how you find the house but now my views have changed.”
    He then said “You’re a beautiful woman, why are you single?”
    She was so shocked that he said that, “I just haven’t found the right man yet. That’s all. You’re not so bad yourself Curt but you did scare me LOL”
    She didn’t expect him to smile. Then he said, “Aww thanks, I didn’t mean to scare you”
    He sat down and signalled her to sit by him. She accepted and sat near him. He put his arm around shoulder. If only Nigel Turner could see them now. He would be so jealous. He only liked his arm around her shoulder. Nigel cuddling her. Nigel himself kissing her. “Damn” she thought “I am thinking about kissing this guy and I have only known him for 5 minutes.”
    He looked into them beautiful green eyes that looked so much like the forest. He was now so close to her. So close they could kiss. Then Curt drew forward and his lips were on hers. She didn’t want to move away. She didn’t have the strength to. His lips were burning with passion. They had been kissing for 10 minutes now.

    He withdrew his lips. He said “Catherine, I’m sorry about that. It was a mistake. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.”
    She replied “Don’t apologise (touching his cheek with her hand) It was absolutely amazing”
    She returned the kiss and smiled back at him. Then fell asleep in his arms. She might have not felt safe earlier but now she felt safer than when she was with Nigel. When she was with Nigel, she wasn’t happy. All he wanted was S.E.X. He beat her up. So many times she had been admitted to Hospital because of him.
    Catherine woke up by the sound of the shower. She ran up the stairs and chose her clothes for that day. Curt had came out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. Dried his skin. He asked “Catherine shall we go to the park. After you get ready”
    She smiled and then replied “Yes”
    She kissed him and then walked out of the room. She went into the shower only to see Curt shaving his beard. His back was turned to her. She loved his muscles, loved how his butt stuck out. She felt that she was falling in love with him. She would tell him on their trip to the park. Hopefully he felt the same way.
    Coming out of the shower, she walked back into the room and Curt had his back to her. He turned around. Walked to where she was. Kissed her passionately. Drew his lips away from her and went to talk. “Catherine, I love you. Will you become Catherine Saunders?” Catherine said “I was going to ask you, yes I will marry you. I love you baby” They walked out of the door holding hands and went to the nearest park.
  • Pentacle

    30 avr. 2012, 8h56m

    A real popular symbol used by many that dabble in the occult. Many pagans such as those who practice wicca and other forms of witchcraft wear the emblem as a pendant. Some even go as far as placing them in all the rooms of their homes, especially during pagan holy days such as: Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day, and last but not least, Halloween.

    30 avr. 2012, 8h53m

    Also known as the Circle-A. Many people do not give it much thought but the anarchy symbol is also of the occult. Enclosed in a circle is the letter A, which represents anarchy. Anarchy is the absence of all law and disobedience to any existing law. This is the nature of Satan our adversary who rebelled against our creator, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" is the one and law in the Satanic religion. When applied spiritually this doctrine is the doctrine of sin (I-John 3:4).

    30 avr. 2012, 8h51m

    Another symbol of the occult adopted by Christianity. This symbol is used to symbolize the Christian trinity doctrine, however this symbol was originally used to represent the Three-Part Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone). This symbol is used as a secretive sign by the Aquarian Conspirators (A New Age Cult) and appears on "The Aquarian Conspiracy" a New Age handbook. This symbol also appears on the popular TV show "Charmed" which promotes witchcraft and appears on the front cover of "The Book of Shadows" which is used in witchcraft and Satanism.
  • ANKH

    30 avr. 2012, 8h48m

    ANKH - Also known as the Long Life Seal. While Christians try to say the ankh is not a cross, make no mistake about it, the ankh is indeed another rendering of a cross. This symbol originated in Egypt and symbolizes reincarnation. Egyptians were pagans and worshipped many gods like the sun-god Amen-Rah, and the pagan sun-trinity: Osiris, Isis and Horus. The ankh and the common cross were both used equally in ancient pagan sun-worship.
  • The St Peter's Cross - a satanic symbol

    30 avr. 2012, 8h43m

    Satanists are not the brightest folks to begin with, but you would think they would check to see if a symbol already had a meaning before adopting it as their own. Satanist think if they invert a symbol, it will make it evil or if they spell something backwards it makes it cool. The fact is that this symbol has been known as Peter's Cross for the better part of two-thousand years. It is written and widely believed that Peter was crucified upside down by his own request.
  • The Blind Man

    30 mars 2012, 11h23m

    Costica was no ordinary 35 year old man the problem was that he couldn’t see. It all started five years ago when he was 30 years old, he went out on a trip and got stung in the eye by a wasp. A kind woman took him to the hospital. One reason why no girl would ever marry him is that because he was blind, women were scared to go out with him also he lost his self confidence.

    He got a plane to Portugal and while he was on the plane there was a woman she must have been in her late twenties but he wore sunglasses for the blind. Her case opened and everything came out of the case.
    Angrily, He said “Pick up your stuff”
    He gave them to her and she said “If you wouldn’t have knocked the case out of my hand it would never have fell out; where are you going anyway?”
    He answered “I’m going to Portugal for business”

    She got to her destination and got out of the plane. She noticed that the key was missing when she reached the house. The black haired guy was there again. She wondered why. He frowned at her. Then she remembered that her friends had put the key under the mat. He started talking “Do you mind telling me what you are doing here”
    She put her nose up at him and said “I am here to have a vacation if you didn’t know this is my part of the house. You are living in my grandmother’s part of the house.”
    He took a breather and said “I am fully aware of that but you are intruding in my house. So go away.”
    She opened the door and couldn’t see the lights so she needed to find the light switch. While, trying to find it she stumbled over the box which was in the way of the switch. Luckily, Costica felt around for the light switch; found it then turned it on.

    That night she was outside walking in the forest when she saw a bearlike creature he was on the rocks. She screamed after him. He couldn’t say anything. She thought to herself is he trying to kill himself or is he just stuck. She rushed over to him like a jaguar in the jungle. She came up near him and noticed that it was indeed the man she had an arguement with. He had cuts all over his head and body. Also, his clothes were all ripped it looked horrendous like some horror movie. She tried to make contact with him asking for his name, age and things. He answered Costica, 35. She said “Let’s take you home. My name is Mirela btw”
    Costica replied “I don’t know where i’m going. I’m blind and i lost my cane because it fell when the wind was blowing. Mirela exclaimed “Why didn’t you tell me. Don’t you think I have the right to know” He replied saying “Well, maybe but I didn’t want you to feel sorry for me. I know what girls and women are like if they see a blind man they fuss.” She got him up from the rocks and guided him back to the lovely white house. While inside she bathed his cuts in anticeptic and went around her house to grab the brownies she had made that afternoon. She went back into his side of the house and fed him some brownies and a cup of cocoa. She wondered what colour eyes he had. It fascinated her. He was a hunk of a guy who was partially blind until he was allowed to take the glasses off. He knew that she was going quiet and wondered who or what she was thinking about. It was lucky that he had took a mind reading course and was a maths professor until he went blind. He didn’t know how he felt but maybe if he liked this girl they would end up a couple and a good one.

    The gardener was due to come around and sort out the compost. He was a friendly guy at about late 40’s. His name was Gheorghe and he had grey,blonde hair with blue eyes. He wore a baggy shirt and green trousers. He let her do the easy things while he done the really hard things like cutting the grass. That afternoon Mirela saw Costica running around heard Costica and Gheorghe talking about her he was asking Gheorghe “What colour is her hair? Her eyes what colour are they?” She heard Gheorghe answer that her hair is caramel brown and her eyes are the colour the sky. At that moment Costica knew that she was the peeping tom he opened the gate to ask why she was listening to their conversation. She said “I was going to ask you whether you wanted to go running with me we could take the dog lead if you are up for it. Then I will take you out to dinner”
    Costica said “Yes, I will come after I go to the shower.
  • SHOT and SAVED

    26 mars 2012, 10h55m

    The darkness had turned into light as Caitlin had woken up. She noticed that a muscular built man with black hair and dark brown eyes was lying by her side. She didn’t know who he was. She got out of the bed and noticed that his messenger bag was by her desk. She looked in the bag; noticed her diary and looked inside to the Personal Notes page. Inside she found the name Kieran Otto Almanza. She thought what a weird name but he is good looking. She walked out of the room and rang up one of the policemen in the area to see whether they had heard of this man.

    .............. “Hello, I am Caitlin Littlewoods. I was wondering whether you knew of a man called Mr Kieran Otto Almanza.”
    The Policeman replied “I am PC Doggerel. That is a very strange name. Can you describe him and tell me why you are asking me about this person.”

    She described Kieran: “Well here’s the story. I woke up at 9 o’clock to find this strange man sleeping in my bed. I do not know him and have never seen him in my life. He is quite tall, has brown hair and dark brown eyes.” The chubby Policeman said “Hmm, I think you are seeing things love. I think you should be referred to a specialist because this is crazy.” She hung up the phone, took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom door.

    The gigantic man had woken up. He sat up and she noticed that he had no top. Yes, he might be good looking but how did he get into the house. Was he even real... was he a spirit of a past life. He ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen. He knew where the whiskey was... This was strange as the only person who knew where everything is was her late ex boyfriend. How could it be him? What did they do last night? He was trying to talk but no words came out. His eyes started to go bloodshot. She walked up the stairs and saw the dumped t-shirt on the floor. It was covered in blood. He was possibly a victim that had been stabbed or shot, her ex boyfriend or a murderer. She put the t-shirt in the washing machine. Rushed down the stairs, went into the kitchen to confront the man. He cleared his throat and said “PLEASE HELP ME!”
    She came by him and wanted to cuddle him but didn’t want to get smothered in blood. She said “I am going to call 999. You will be OK. I won’t let you die. I promise I will visit you in Hospital.” She saw from his face that he wanted to smile but couldn’t as he was in too much pain. STUTTERING HE SAID “O Ok angel Caitlin. You are the nicest person I have ever met”

    She rang the ambulance and they rushed to her house. Poor Kieran was taken into the ambulance van and didn’t want to let go of Caitlin’s hand it was melting his own and he felt reassured with this young woman in his life. She was about 20 and he was nearly 30 in September. He wanted to LIVE not DIE. He waved goodbye to her and looked at her as if he said “You will visit me”
    She nodded back at the gorgeous face. He looked weak. He can’t die. She walked back into her door; sunk down to the floor and cried. Two hours passed. She hoped he would be ok. A call interrupted her crying she hurried to answer it. She recognised the voice on the other end as Kieran. He said “Hey my angel I have been sorted out. I am allowed to come home now if you want me to. I am sorry about breaking in your house but I needed help.”
    She replied “Hey handsome. That’s good. Of course you can stay. Don’t worry about that I understand. I’m coming for you.”

    She rushed out of the door as she was very excited to see him and got into the car. She put on the song Inferete by Sisu, the Romanian hip hop singer. Finally, she arrived at the Hospital; walked in and went to the reception. A kind blonde haired lady was at reception. She gave her his details and the receptionist signalled her to the ward he was in. Walking was not easy as she was tired and just wanted to get this kind hearted man home. She found the bed and he smiled at her with relief. She smiled back. The doctor said it was alright to go home and she carried his stuff out. She walked him to the car and she sat him in the front seat. She then got into the driver’s seat. His face got closer and he kissed her. She kissed him back. She said “I am glad you are alright now. We will find those yobs that did this to you” He replied “Me too. Thanks for being here for me. I really appreciate it.”
    She answered back “It’s okay. We don’t really need to introduce each other as we know each other’s names”

    They drove home and he was just looking at her all the way. She wished she could know what he was thinking. They reached the door and she helped him in. Would they fall in love? Was that kiss a friendly kiss or was it something else? She said “Would you like a coffee?” He replied “Yes please my angel. That’s very kind of you”
    She turned and walked into the kitchen. He caught eye of her busty figure. He thought she was gorgeous and hoped he would fall in love with her. She is his ideal woman: very compassionate and insanely beautiful. He walked into the kitchen and she caught sight of his arms about her waist. She yearned for his kisses, his body melting hers. He whispered into her ear “Caitlin, I think I am in love. This is for real...How can I live without you...I am your mirror image of all you left behind you may mean what I am and who the hell am I.”
    She realised these were the song titles and lyrics by Ill Nino. She couldn’t believe her ears. Were her ears deceiving her or did he just say he loves her and that he can’t live without her?
    Caitlin looked into Kieran’s eyes and found passion. She answered “Kieran I know we have only just met but I also think that I love you. Do you believe how much I cried for you while you were being checked out? I shrivelled to the ground and received your call.” He said “Oh Caitlin, my darling beautiful angel. You saved me. You mended my heart. I fixed yours and yes I do believe you cried. I heard the sadness in your voice when you answered the phone. I won’t ever hurt you. You mean everything to me. Will you marry me?”
    She replied “Yes I will honey. When I saw you on my bed I fell for you. I tried to cuddle you. I didn’t know anything about you until I looked through your black diary. We will be great together we will give each other strength and love. I will promise to love you forever” She kissed him passionately, he kissed her back and then they walked hand in hands with up the stairs. The noise of laughter filled the room.

    The End
    By Ramona Rena
  • The strange man

    6 mars 2012, 10h52m

    A giant of a man was standing is Kirsty's doorway. His face was completely hidden by the darkness in the room. She walked closer and could only make out his long shaggy hair. His eyes were dark brown. She shouted at him "Who are you and why are you in my house"
    The gigantic man who was like a dinosaur answered "Im Serban, i saw your door open and found myself wandering in.
    She said "Erm, ok. I'm Kirsty. Do you want a coffee"
    He replied "Yeah, cheers Kirsty"

    Kirsty walked into the kitchen and put on the kettle. She then grabbed the kettle and poured the coffee into the mug. Then went back into the room and gave him the cup. He smiled at her and she say down.
    "Do you want biscuits with that?" she asked
    Serban replied "Yes thankyou"
    (Kirsty gave him the biscuits and then sat down)

    10 mai 2010, 15h59m

    Nasrat Parsa born February 22,1968-May 8,2005
    In 2005, Nasrat Parsa was invited to perform at a concert in Vancouver, Canada, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, opening a comprehensive tour that was scheduled to include several cities in North America. At the height of his popularity, and on the occasion of promoting his upcoming album Dil, the singer flew to Canada where he performed to a large crowd of fans, some of whom saw him live on stage for the first time.

    During a break on his concert, Nasrat was approached by a group of young men claiming to be his fans. They asked him, aggressively, if he would sing more upbeat songs. He stated to them that he could not because he was not prepared to perform such songs. The singer maintained his composure and was respectful to the attending mothers who came to his concert on the occasion of Mother’s Day. One of the infuriated men, dissatisfied with the justification, unexpectedly punched the singer in the face. This caused him to slump in shock and lose his balance. Nasrat fell down a flight of stairs, hitting his head on one of the concrete cases. Immediately unconscious, the singer did not recover from his injuries.

    On Sunday, May 8, 2005 at 11:15pm (Pacific Time) Nasrat Ali Parsa, 36, was pronounced dead at a Vancouver hospital.

    The man who punched him was found guilty of manslaughter and given a conditional sentence.

    Funerary services

    On May 12, 2005, Nasrat Parsa’s body was flown back to Germany for burial. The grief-stricken bereaved family members and fans around the world individually held services to honor the late singer. Notably, the funeral held at Sayed Jamaladen Masjid by Habib Qaderi on May 15, 2005 in Orange County, United States, drew thousands of sorrowful fans. Other cities, in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Afghanistan also held similar mourning sessions. His grave is situated in Frankfurt, Germany in Mainzer Waldfriedhof.

    Laguna Beach vigil

    On May 13, 2005, a candle light vigil was held in memory of the late singer in Laguna Beach, United States. The event, which drew many fans and sympathizers, called for a conscious effort to respect all singers from Afghanistan. Furthermore, it called for active action against violence in future concert events to protect the other musical assets of Afghanistan. The vigil was held with an Islamic theme to honor his family’s religious tradition. Similar ceremonies were also held thereafter in various cities around the world in honor of the singer. His nephew, Haris Parsa, has continued to perform Parsa's songs.