Anberlin/Copeland on a Sunday.


6 juin 2007, 16h08m

Sun 3 Jun – Anberlin&Copeland

I went. With two friends of mine. And i think i helped Anberlin gain a new fan. I think.
The day started with us reaching there at 3pm when the thing starts around 6-7pm. Rather surpised that no one were queueing and there weren't much people. The venue itself is a rather small place, as compared to Indoor Stadium, Max Pavilion or Fort Canning. But i guess small venues have their advantages too. It's more intimate and you can see the band real close. Like in your face.
As we were sitting outside the venue, Anberlin & Copeland just walked past in front of us just like that. Ever get the feeling when all along you've been listening to their music, never seen them before, then suddenly they are just in front of you? But for whatever reasons or conspiracy theories i can never explain, i sat rooted to the ground and just stared in awe of what i just saw.
The thing was pretty long. Three WakeMeUp bands, which are Vertical Rush?, March Twelve and Fire Fight started the whole support thing. Vertical Rush and Fire Fight were alright. But March Twelve irritated me abit. Why? Cos they played 5 songs and they have this electronical thing going on. Plus the guitar player uses feedback and delay to create wall of sounds, which sadly, doesn't really translate to the level My Bloody Valentine does. I find the syns rather redundant cos it just sounds out of place with the whole band. And having a chick who has a whiny voice, doesn't help at all. I don't know, maybe it's just me wanting to watch Copeland and Anberlin too eagerly.
It was copeland's turn. I caught them the other time when they came for BayBeats 2005. That time, i haven't really listened to any of their songs. So i couldn't really enjoy the whole experience. But this time round, i guess i'm better 'prepared' and able to appreciate Copeland more. As expected, there wasn't much action from the crowd, just singalongs, screams and shouts and whatever sound the human body is capable of emitting. It's like in LaLa land when Copeland plays, that's not to say they're boring. It's just a different kind of music.
Anberlin's next. As i was standing in the first row, just behind the barricades, it was pretty intense, the feeling upon seeing them just barely 5m away. Then they started the whole thing byplaying A Whisper & a Clamor. Immediately, the ppl at the back started pushing. The barricades in front threatened to just fall. It was like a mini mayhem. Then what was damn funny was that, people from the supporting bands came out to hold the barricade. And guess who was in front of me? The Indian Bassist, Shawn from Vertical Rush. Just a while ago, when they were playing, my friends and i were talking about how funny he was. Then now, he's in front, holding the barricade. I don't really know what else to say. Or perhaps my head is just full of points for my Common test tmr. Hmm. I have to say Stephen's a pretty good frontman. Some parts of the performance, he swinged his mic circular-ly. I think he got the inspiration from Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday. But still it was a sight to be beholded. They played 2 songs during the encore.
Oh yah, i must say, there was a BIG(caps to emphasize) difference from the crowd for Anberlin and Copeland's performance. Anberlin was just pure explosion as compared to Copeland. I saw Aaron Marsh during Anberlin's set, he was watching closely. Not sure what he was thinking though.
There was a meet and greet session after the whole thing but i was too lazy to queue. WHAT KIND OF A FAN AM I? There was also a Secret Show as they claim, on Monday at Home Club where they'll be playing acoustic. But sadly i didn't go cos i'm in the midst of my Common Test. Well..
Something which i have to say. I think whatever labels in Singapore should organise more events like these. Just ask anyone, how many times in your lifetime, at least in Singapore, where you can actually see stars in front of you, without any security guards? and you can just mob them as much as you like. My friends and i were crazy enough to stalk the bus they were supposed to board on and we asked the driver where they were going. Haha, and the stalking stopped there. And i also have to mentioned i touched Stephen after the gig ended, he went down and walked along the barricades and basically just touched anyone, you get what i mean. It was really cool to be able to do that. And we waited outside til they went to the bus. AND i talked to Stephen! Goodness. HE thanked us for coming and i have to say he's the most sincere, nice guy i've seen in a while. When you look at him, you just get the urge to smile. He also said that he wants to play BayBeats next year. Til then...

Copeland's Setlist
Testing the Strong Ones
Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Control Freak
Pin Your Wings
When Paula Sparks
No One Really Wins
You Have My Attention

Anberlin's Setlist
A Whisper & a Clamor
Never Take Friendship Personal
Hello Alone
Ready Fuels
A Day Late
Paperthin Hymn
Time & Confusion
Dismantle. Repair.
Dance, Dance Christa Päffgen
The Feel Good Drag


  • OnDistantShores

    We also got an Anberlin cover of Radiohead's Creep at the Melbourne concert as their final song, and man did Stephen belt that out.

    31 août 2007, 13h18m
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