SCOPE by Olim


31 oct. 2011, 19h00m

SCOPE by olim

This electronica compilation of remixes brought about by a teenager in his bedroom serves as something wonderful to behold - current remixers, eat your heart out, because this album was produced not with cutting edge technology, but with Audacity, a free sound editing software.

The album starts off with the bassy, slightly haunting sound of Straw 61, before swinging into probably the biggest track of the album Do It Again / Acceptable in th, mixing Calvin Harris' Acceptable in the 80s with The Chemical Brothers' Do It Again, with seamless fading between the beats and an excellent drop two minutes in. From this hit to the next with Everybody Else, sampling Reverend and the Makers' Heavyweight Champion Of The World in a dancier remix than the original. The next track, Junk, could be a dance anthem in its own right, with excellent rise and fall in the melody and good rhythm. The simply entitled @ has an almost ghostly melody mixed in contrasting heavy beats, before moving on to the equally supernatural Static Static. The beats return on New Phase 1, sampled from an electronica track featured on EA's The Sims 2. Remixing big dance tunes continues with Somebody's Watching Me, in an excellently performed mix, before sliding seamlessly into aSLEEP, the favourite of most listeners on this album. The album finishes with Technologic, (Can You Feel) My Love and Coma.

All in all, this album is an excellent collection of electronica mixes, which could easily enough be found on the shelves as on this site, but is definitely worth checking out, whether or not you're an electronica fan.



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