Fuck you, Sydney


9 oct. 2006, 16h18m

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Naturally, I was forced to go visit the family that doesn't REALLY like me, but pretends to, and asks too many questions.
I'd made plans for later that day to go to Sydney and Rosesdead. I forget who else was playing.
I told my mom that we would have to leave my aunt and uncle's at 7:30 for me to get there at 8:30. An hour and a half late, but I'd be there nonetheless.

We leave the house at 3, go get my grandma and a family friend, and get to my aunt's about 4.
I endure the tipsy and uninteresting conversation of my relatives after they've all had about 5 glasses of wine, and my uncle is on his 4th beer. Jokingly asking me if I want any. No, I don't.

7 rolls around, and I'm asked to make the gravy. Apparently it was very good. Something to add to my resume I suppose. FINALLY, we eat. Everyone finishes around 7:30. TIME TO GO. BUT NO. "We can't leave until grandma says so". FUCK YOU MOM. So I sit there, unhappy, and live through dessert. My aunt says she's going to go make coffee, but does that half an hour later. 8:00. Everyone keeps talking, half-drunk by now for sure. Coffee comes. Still talking. I'm pissed.
AT LAST, 8:30. I can't take it anymore, get up and leave the table. Grandma says let's go. We leave. I'm beyond angry.
I fall asleep in the car a) so the car ride doesn't seem to long, b) I'm tired. Drop grandma off about 9:30 and mom takes me to L3.
I get out of the car and call Haley to come outside and meet me. I apologize for being so damn late, and announce "I'm pissed, ugly, and I need to pee".

So far, the day had been terrible. It could only get better now that I'm out, right? WRONG. I go in, Sydney's playing. They're doing a good job. I look around and realize I recognize a lot of people from Myspace. Sad. Haley and Amanda are drooling over the vocalist. He had a huge wart thing in the middle of his forehead.
After the first song, the bassist is talking, and making NO sense. They continue playing. When they finished, we were having fun, then went outside for a bit while Rosesdead set up. Drama started. I ignored it, then I saw Melissa and her new boyfriend. She came and gave me a hug and we talked for a few minutes. A lot of people were smoking, so me and a friend of Amanda's were standing out trying not to breathe it in.
We go back in, and Rosesdead starts. We all decide to pretend we can dance like we always do. I see Marissa and Lyla come in. Ew. Someone spin kick them in the face, please.

Mike 1 runs into a guy by accident. I'd been watching this guy all night, he looked so dumb. He was wearing a hood, and the hood came off when Mike hit him and they yelled at each other. Sam and I laughed uncontrollably when they guy put his hood back on. The look on his face. I had to imitate him a few times later on. A friend of Haley's is in the pit, and accidently hits another guy. A different guy still, comes up and grabs him. He looks like security. He's not. They yell at each other for a bit, Haley jumps in. This guy is ready to fight her, and she's ready to take it. Amanda goes and takes her out of it. I'm left watching with Sam and a guy who looks like Sean Wilkin. Amanda comes back and Mike 2 accidently knocks a guy, who knocks into her, and she hits her knee on a corner of a stair. Sam says "I wish I could go to ONE show, where no one starts shit" and I agree.

Too late it seems, Rosesdead finishes. I hardly got to watch them. I don't know where Haley is. Show's over, we go outside and mingle. I'm with Sam and Amanda. Haley is gone, no one knows where. Amanda sees her fighting again with that guy. She goes to break it up again. Sam and I follow and I end up standing next to Sean Wilkin look-alike once more. All I see is Rich push Haley. Noooooot goooooood. Sam again:
"Why can't we all just be happy? I want ONE SHOW, where there is NO drama."
"I know, I do too. Why can't WEEEEE be friiiiiends"
"I wish there were just rainbows and sunshine..... And lots of sex"
Amanda comes out and announces the fact that she can't feel her leg. Sam and I take her to sit down on on the edge of the curb, she's crying because her knee hurts so much. Mike 1 comes and sits next to Amanda. Haley finally comes back and squeezes between Mike and Amanda. She starts crying on Amanda. When she sits up, she repeats Sam's now popular phrase. Everyone agrees.

Mike 2 comes out. We're all standing now. Haley's gone. We make jokes and talk about what happened. I think we all feel better by now. Haley comes back and we venture to Pizza Pizza to forget about everything. Sam holds Amanda up while she limps. We walk past a bar playing Sean Paul so I dance, by nature. Sam said it cheered her up and Amanda laughed. We saw a lot of people we knew in there, even though it was almost empty. So we all just forgot about everything and had fun. I told Sam the story of my famous left ear. 11:30, I call my mom because I just wanted to go home. 12 and she's there. I hug Haley, Sam, and Amanda and leave. Haley yells "EYE ELL WHY" as I go out the door, so I laughed.

In bed by 12:30. Final verdict: The day was shit. So was the night, but at the same time, I had a lot of fun. Right now, I just need breakfast.


  • AndyChrz

    Good times. Canadian Thanksgiving... ha.

    10 oct. 2006, 0h30m
  • mtlrmgrndpiano

    Hah, indeeeed.

    10 oct. 2006, 19h41m
  • Toolplusplus

    Wow why is everyone a jerk where you are :S People just need to realise how insignificant they are and as a result see their issues as trivial and comical.

    16 mars 2007, 21h34m
  • mtlrmgrndpiano

    I'd like to know that too. Drama always seems to go down at any show I attend. Usually over getting knocked over in the pit.

    17 mars 2007, 13h26m
  • uhjenn

    HAHAHA my birthday ;)

    8 mai 2007, 22h37m
  • mtlrmgrndpiano

    Haha, I think I probably saw you, at the front.

    10 mai 2007, 3h12m
  • uhjenn

    LOL probably hahahah. :) i probably saw you dont really remember :P

    16 mai 2007, 0h23m
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