• YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!

    20 déc. 2007, 14h54m

    I'm finally legal.

    half a year after all my friends
    but never mind that...


  • ahhhhhhhhhhh

    29 oct. 2007, 20h03m

    כסעמק אין לי כרטיס קול
    אני ממש מתחרפנת בלי מוזיקה על המחשב...
    אבל אני בבית חדש והכל טוב, ולפחות יש מערכת.

    כואב לי הראש.
  • hara!

    15 oct. 2007, 12h57m

    אני עוברת דירה ונמאס לי לארוז כל היום
    לארוז לעבוד ולסדר!!
    ובא לי להתלונן קצת
    אני לא רואה אותו מספיק ועובדת יותר מדי ולא ישנה בלילות ואפילו החופש שלי באילת לא עזר
    לפחות נשארה לי המוזיקה
  • Happy Atlast

    27 juin 2007, 23h35m

    Thank you
  • coolest thing ever

    30 mai 2007, 0h41m

    i found this somewhere in you ask a question out loud, shuffle your playlist and the song that comes out is the answer to your question. here are my results:

    -what do my friends think of me?
    song: foxy lady
    artist: jimi hendrix

    -will i have a happy life?
    song: when i get to the pheonix
    artist: oscar peterson

    -how can i maximize my pleasure during sex?
    song: dazed and confused
    artist: led zeppelin

    -will i ever have children?
    song: crave
    artist: nuno

    -will i die happy?
    song: time of your life
    artist: greenday

    -what is some good advice for me?
    song: listen here
    artist: eddie palmieri

    -what is happiness?
    song: under the ice
    artist: blind guardian

    -what is my favourite fetish?
    song: alone in kyoto
    artist: air

    -how will i be remembered?
    song: concerto in D minor:allegro
    artist: jacques loussier

    -do people secretly lust after me?
    song: rythm of the sea
    artist: flower kings

    -how can i make myself happy?
    song: flowing
    artist: 311

    -what should i do with my life?
    song: mack the knife
    artist: bobby darin

    -why should life be full of so much pain?
    song: replica
    artist: sonata arctica
  • boring.

    29 mai 2007, 14h47m

    so, .

    Funny typos(:

    <VolteFace`> don't you hate it when you shit on the floor, and you can hear it fall but you have no idea where it actually landed, and spend like 5 minutes looking for it
    <peng> ...
    <peng> what?
    <VolteFace`> oh shit
    <VolteFace`> don't you hate it when you DROP shit

    <@David> Yay I get laid today! Been a month.... needing it by now
    <@Sony> ...........
    <@Sony> TMI TMI TMI
    <@David> Only a few hundred pounds but its better than nothing
    <Malpine> Thanks for the info
    <@David> eh?
    <@David> damn i meant PAID
    <@David> I get PAID today
    <@David> dammit

    23 mai 2007, 21h56m

    you'd expect johnny depp to come up with something better/:
    pirates of the caribbean 3 is absolutely LAME.
    left me with a headache and a strong desire to hit Keira Knightley for her annoying acting and face.

    three hours spent for nothing. what is it with hollywood sequals that just leave you completely dissatisfied?
    i'm in need to see a really good movie, one that i don't know yet.

  • cause i'd rather feel pain than nothing at all

    20 mai 2007, 22h26m

    fuck this.

    fuck you.

    19 mai 2007, 2h24m

    weirdest night ever.
    but i had such a good time.
    alcohol's the best.
  • D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G evening.

    16 mai 2007, 18h44m

    and spiderman 3 completely sucks.
    save your money and avoid it.