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26 déc. 2006, 3h55m

Many people asks that "What's good for Korean Indie Music?" or "Please recommend good Korean metal." Well. In fact, that's almost same question for "What's good for US metal?". It's true.

Korea has almost every music genre & band, as US or UK or Europe has.

For metal, we have Traditional Metal / Black Metal / Folk Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal / ... etc.

For indie music, we have Folk (even 3-40 years ago!) / Post Rock / Techno / Nu Metal / (very little bit) Goth influenced music / ... etc.

Korea has almost every music genre. Just the problem is, there are not too many groups & music market is much smaller than abroad.

So if you want to get recommendation for Korean non-TV music, you must specify what you like.

For example, it's like this.

"Please recommend some Korean metal." (X. I could pick you around 5 bands for the first time, but I can't guarantee you could like most of them.)

"Please recommend some Korean metal. I like Thrash metal & Death metal style." (O. I'd pick up SAHON - Mahatma - Crash first, and you'd narrow the list what you could like.)

Is it clear?

So if you want to get some recommendation for Korean music, please give us data which music you like. If you experienced some Korean music before, it could be better to explain. But even if you didn't do anything, you might tell me (or us) example with outside-korea music.
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