Top Ten 2007 #4: Stars Of The Lid


23 jan. 2008, 3h20m

Stars of the Lid - and Their Refinement of the Decline (2007)

When I go back to earlier SOTL releases, I realize just how much they've matured over the years. The earlier stuff is much rougher around the edges and more pure drone. Around the time of The Ballasted Orchestra, you can hear the shift to a more compositional approach, and with this album that approach gives us its greatest payoff yet. There's more structure here than on any previous SOTL album; strings, horns, and pianos hover around the swells of drone, providing a wonderful depth to the songs. This is an album to swim in. Simply put, another masterpiece of ambient music.

Don't Bother They're Here
Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage
Another Ballad for Heavy Lids
Humectez la mouture

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