• weezescorcho

    This is a very tough journal to do. I must say, you have given me a lot of music to get. Thank you for that. I already agree with much that's on your list, so it all should be very good.

    18 jan. 2008, 2h58m
  • mozzmozz

    Hope you enjoy. Looking at your profile you have an amazingly eclectic music taste. Glad to see you have Comus in your top 50. A truly great but largely undiscovered treasure.

    18 jan. 2008, 21h34m
  • Victo_prog

    Nice to see Pure Reason Revolution up there, but you didn't include Stupid Dream by Porcupine Tree :) It's way better than Fear Of A Blank Planet and In Absentia to me ... In Absentia has Strip The Soul, tho, which is a huge plus.

    7 mai 2008, 23h59m
  • mozzmozz

    I find it difficult to get it settled as to what I really like. I listen to Stupid Dream, and think Yeah, this really should be in my top 100, but then I listen to Band of Horses and think Wow, this should be in my top 100 as well. And so on. Ultimately, it's only an approximation I suppose. 'Mon the Biffy!

    8 mai 2008, 10h13m
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