New Releases - September 2010


18 sept. 2010, 13h56m

We just released these fine albums:

valse 019

(AURA) - Invisible Landscape
on limited de-luxe CD edition, 500 copies.

It contains stunning photography / artwork from well-known
artist Jose Ramos, realized on 12 glossy deluxe paper booklet.

You can listen the album here:

You can order your copy from our website:

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valse 020

SOUFFERANCE, VISION - Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The Mind

Release date: August, 2010
SOUFFERANCE, VISION is the fantastic & visionary debut
from a young Quebecois artist, named Peine, also known
from the shoegaze / ambient entity Vision Éternel.

Avant-garde & dark ambient, experimental soundscapes &
psycho-acoustic passages into one concept album.
A travel into the human mind, a travel into the subconscious,
a travel into the world beyond our senses.

Visually presented in a special package:
A5 sized deluxe digipack + inside booklet
and a breathtaking artwork made by Twilight13Media.

A must for fans of Desiderii Marginis, Beyond Sensory Experience, Northaunt.

You can listen the album here:

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valse 021

SVART1 – Non tutto cio che tace e morto

Release date: August, 2010

The sound of Svart1 (Cagliari, Italy) is a very impulsive
mixture of rich and sometimes dense dark ambient &
abstract analogue noises, often unexpected soundscapes,
but at the same time it goes into warm and nice atmospheres.
Only and irreplaceable quality of the plan svart1 is that one
of the passion for the sounds and the video art.

Minimal movements and rhythms that evolve into a dreamy trance
work, purely dark ambient is accompanied by also a video track
underlining the new path "natural."

Svart1 is recommended to all fans of Northaunt, Kammarheit,
Atrium Carceri, Brian Eno, etc.

Pro CDr with pro glossy booklet + video track.

You can listen the album here:

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