why thank you lynn....


27 jui. 2006, 21h41m

i probably messed up some of the names, so thank you in advance for not correcting them.

01. elliott smith
First song heard: pretty (ugly before)
Fell In Love With: king's crossing
Current Favorite: sorry my mistake

02. from autumn to ashes
First song heard: the royal crown vs. blue duchess
Fell In Love With: the royal crown vs. blue duchess
Current Favorite: take her to the music store

03. minus the bear
First song heard: spritz!!! spritz!!!
Fell In Love With: lets play guitar in a five guitar band
Current Favorite: not much anymore...

04. the sound of animals fighting
First song heard: Act I: chasing suns
Fell In Love With: Act I
Current Favorite: Un'aria

05. Beck
First song heard: where it's at
Fell In Love With: soul suckin' jerk
Current Favorite: milk and honey

06. madvillain
First song heard: peeano keys
Fell In Love With: meat grinder
Current Favorite: accordion

07. tokyo police club
First song heard: nature of the experiment
Fell In Love With: nature of the experiment
Current Favorite: n/a

08. pearl jam
First song heard: jeremy
Fell In Love With: elderly woman behind the counter in a small town
Current Favortie: black

09. beastie boys
First song heard: no sleep til brooklyn
Fell In Love With: i dont know
Current Favortie: grasshopper

10. jimi hendrix
First song heard: little wing
Fell In Love With: the wind cries mary
Current Favortie: castles made of sand

11. royksopp
First song heard: still missing (royksopp remix)
Fell In Love With: beautiful day without you
Current Favorite: the track after sombre detune...i forget what it's called

12. pixies
First song heard: where is my mind?
fell in love With: caribou
Current Favorite: tame

13. common rider
First song heard: angels at play
Fell In Love With: conscience burning
Current Favorite: dixie roadrash

14. delerium
First song heard: silence (off of some dj tiesto cd)
Fell In Love With: silence (the long one at the end of their cd)
Current Favorite: "

15. sunny day real estate
First song heard: killed by an angel
Fell In Love With: diary
Current Favorite: carnival


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