Audrey + Andy @ Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna, 30.10.08


2 nov. 2008, 19h23m

Thu 30 Oct – Audrey, Andy

I was waiting for this event for quite a while. After amazing performance of Audrey in Bydgoszcz in May this year I just couldn't miss another chance to see the girls in action.
To tell the truth, I've never heard about the supporting band, Andy, before. Considering the similar name and the fact that Andy are also four girls, my first thought was they would possibly be another band without any idea for their own style, simply copying other bands.
Well, I was very very wrong.
I found Andy's music as a very warm and optimistic girly indie rock with some really neat guitar solos that made the show more spicy. They did a great job warming the crowd up, but to me it seemed they didin't show all they are capable of - with all their skills and Ania's voice they can do much better. Anyway, with all their personal warmth and kind of shyness, I just couldn't not like them.
After a short break Audrey showed up and of course made me drown in their music straight away. All the girls were amazing, but I couldn't stop thinking Emelie is a real cello genius and that the cello is the heart and soul of the band's unique style. It simply made me shiver.
Unfortunatelly, I was left unsatisfied as I expected the show to be at least a little bit longer...
Well, considering the fact that I was celebrating my birthday that day, I didn't really care that much about the inconvenience of the crowded club and people talking all the time. Evening with Audrey was simply a wonderful birthday present.

PS. Huge thanks to Jacek - promusicage - who brought Audrey to Poland again! :)


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