• Not The Top Ten Of Everything

    24 mai 2008, 18h33m

  • 2007-03-13

    13 mars 2007, 23h18m

    New numbcast available:

    Featuring: Smiddy, Kirby, Joe, Alison, Foxy, Gill, and The Whisk.

    * Numbcast's chart.
    * Viral Nine Inch Nails fun.
    * Film Noir World - How Can I.
    * Forgotten Grace - Beneath Decaying Leaves.
    * Mystic Village - Crazed Band.
    * Smurf: Is it a verb?
    * Museum - for the very first time.

    Find it there>
  • sunday Live part 2

    24 fév. 2007, 16h34m

  • Sunday Live Special

    16 fév. 2007, 18h43m

    So we have some good news for you, firstly, you may or may not know, we recorded a Numbcast at the recent Sunday Live. We have just got through editing it all, and now part 1 is up, there will be a second part released in a week or so, so look out for that!

    crew: EVERYONE!
    *Poppa Nutley - Lick of Progression (live)
    *Interview with 67 Riots
    *67 Riots - Third Person (live)
    *67 Riots - Traffic (live)
    *Interview with Power of Three
    *Me and My Monarchy - unknown live song
    *Plus the usual antics

    Find it here
  • Leeds/Reading festival

    5 fév. 2007, 21h45m

    Got A little bored this evening and when looking for Leeds/Reading rumours I decided to make a line up. Before I get to the line up I'l let you know the rumours I heard:

    Smashing Pumpkins - This has been suggested quite a lot, I realy hope it does happen
    NOFX - apparantly confirmed themselves, I'l be avoiding them
    +44 - another to avoid
    The Cooper Temple Clause - fingers crossed
    Razorlight - I was expecting them a little, hopefully they'll go away and play V or something
    The Gossip - Good single, most the album sucks. I think these indie Ravers might be good live
    The Who - indifferent really
    Blur- woohoooo! "Rumours are that Coxen will get back with Blur and that they will play at Reading Festival 2007 with many people thinking that they’ll be headliners or below The Who."
    Queens of the Stonage - New album on its way, they're a high hope, really wanna see them
    Prodigy - I really really very much hope they play, new album on its way, and not played for a few year, Download got them last year, Reading/Leeds this year PLZTHX
    Lostprophets - oust
    Faithless - In with a chance, new album, new tour, a play at leeds/reading would top it off, played V last year, our turn.

    Okay onto my main point, my lineup, only problem with it is, i'd wanna be at both stages at once. Also another point, its not a predicted line up its more of a fantasy line up.


    Nine Inch Nails
    Marilyn Manson
    Death from Above 1979
    queens of the stoneage
    Eagles of Death Metal
    The Cooper Temple Clause
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    TV on the Radio
    A Perfect Circle


    Massive Attack
    Portishead (bring them back!)
    Hot Chip
    The Sunshine Underground
    Cansei de Ser Sexy


    Smashing Pumpkins
    Bloc Party
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    The Go Team
    Art Brut
    The Rapture
    The Flaming Lips
    Bedouin Soundclash


    Sigur Ros
    Explosions in the Sky
    Bright Eyes
    Broken Social Scene
    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    The Arcade Fire
    65days of static
    Godspeed You Black Emperor
    A Silver Mt Zion
    Alison Angus

    Saturday - needs more bands plus I need a Sunday NME line up (and other stages of course)

    Fear Factory
    In Flames
    Skinny Puppy

    Lastly, I realise Josh Homme and Maynard play twice, but thats their problem they'll just have to be tired
  • Numbcast Choistmas Special 2006

    24 déc. 2006, 14h57m

    Thats right!

    The Numbcast Choistmas special is out.

    Smiddy, Joe, Kirby, The Whisk, and Alison.

    * Backwards competition.
    * The Tullys- Laugh.
    * Xmas Sunday Live post-mortem.
    * Album of the year.
    * Pat Wheldan - Down The Back Roads.
    * Out Of The Blue - By The Way.

    Enjoy! and a merry choistmas to all!
  • Alison Angus on Numbcast

    3 déc. 2006, 13h13m

    Hello people! New Numbcast now available on

    For a special Numbcast, we talk to local band Alison Angus.

    Featuring: Alison, Smiddy, Joe, Foxy, Marshall, and Kirby.

    * General audio madness.
    * 0008
    * Interview with serious questions, and then other questions.
    * Sengakuji
    * The Ska Question.
    * Balls.
  • Top 10 and stuff

    9 avr. 2006, 12h06m

    Name your top 10 most played artists on
    1. System Of A Down
    2. Nine Inch Nails
    3. Pink Floyd
    4. The Prodigy
    5. Muse
    6. Eels
    7. In Flames
    8. Cradle Of Filth
    9. Jack Off Jill
    10. Murderdolls

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    'I like Birds'

    What is your favourite album of 2?
    ooo hard, either 'The Downward Spirl' or 'And All That It Could Have Been'

    What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    "I've seen what you're doing to me
    Destroying puppet strings
    To our souls"

    How many times have you seen 4 live?

    What is your favourite song by 7?
    not sure, 'bullet ride' is good or 'f(r)iend'

    What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10?
    When Dead In Holywood first came on at welly

    Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    not really

    What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    "I wanna fuck you like an animal, i want to feel you from the inside" - closer

    What is your favourite song by 9?
    dont really have one, going off them a bit

    How did you get into 3?

    What was the first song you heard by 1?
    hmm not sure, probably either Forest or Sugar

    What is your favourite song by 4?
    Spitfire or Out of space

    How many times have you seen 9 live?
    ZERO, well they are split up

    What is a good memory you have involving 2?
    Seeing them live with Tunnie

    Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?

    What is your favourite album of 5?
    Origin Of Symetry

    What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
    "we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl" Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

    What is your favourite song of 10?
    Dead In Hollywood

    How many times have you seen 8 live?
    not at all

    What is your favourite album of 1?
    either mezmirise or system of a down

    What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    dunno really

    What was the first song you heard by 8?
    cthuluhu Dawn maybe

    What is your favourite cover by 2?
    dont really know which are covers, Starfuckers Inc is awesome and has lyrics from another song in it.
    And working the other way Johnny Cash's Cover of NIN's Hurt is amazing
  • Choismas Special

    29 jan. 2006, 12h18m

    Submitting abit late but nevermind

    Well we recorded a new Numbcast today, a Choistmas special, (and thats not a spelling mistake, its an 'in joke') though it only contains one christmas song.


    Prisms and Prisons
    Mostly me and Tunnie
    Dance moves
    Bing Crosby

    Having trouble actualy thinking of stuff that we did, and it was 50mins long too, longer than usual. But it is choistmas after all...

    Merry Christmas to you all.
  • iPod, uPod yPod?

    2 déc. 2005, 17h24m

    It would seem the world of music has got better since the times of playing music on cylinders the size of at least 100 iPod Nanos. We went through great formats such as cassette, vinyl and CDs. The sudden decline in quality happened recently, the abomination causing this is the super trendy, shiny (for the first two weeks), sleek, ‘sexy’, top-of-the-range – iPod.

    iPod have ‘invented’ a music storage system, large enough so you can listen to music from the moment you’re born to when you die, and even carry you into your afterlife…
    Well I say “invented”, I actually mean – ‘saw another product that does the same thing, designed and made their own, advertised it, got celebrities to get one and made it so small its become a choking hazard.

    Since when did small mean better. The new Mini is bigger than the old Mini. Everyone wants big. Big TVs. Big Houses. Big Breasts. So logic says iPod should actually be larger than the mutant offspring of John Prescott and a freakish hippopotamus, so large even the hippopotamuses take the piss. But iPod are going in the other direction, at the rate they are going, expect the iPod Pico on the shelves next week, so small you have to be careful not to inhale it. You may even find Kate Moss doing a line of iPods in a club toilet.

    “iPod Shuffle!!! iPod for the brain damaged and mentally insane!” or at least that’s what the advert should be. Science has proven that random play lists most of the time appeal to people who are likely brain damaged. These people being ‘The MTV generation’ – nitwits called Nathan, who have a shorter attention span than a toilet roll cover. The other problem with this ‘revolutionary’ (because no-one has thought to play music in the wrong order before) ‘iPod Shuffle’ is that it ruins the almighty invention that is…
    …the hidden, bonus track!
    I remember the first time I heard a bonus track, a Robbie Williams (hey! I was young) album if I remember correctly. So I’m sat listening to Robbie Williams, then it goes silent, I haven’t noticed the album has finished at this point, then all of a sudden another song starts, its like a miracle. Another 3 minutes of heaven (well maybe not this time) that you never even expected. Yet if your on random, or ‘shuffle’ if you’re an apple minion, the song with the bonus song on will come on, it will finish playing the song you expected, then comes silence. This confuses you so you skip the track for some more random electro-pop, therefore causing you to miss the entire bonus track!
    Plus who really wants to listen to death metal straight after a slow romantic ballad, or emo after your favourite feel-better record. Its just not how things should be. Then there’s the art side of it, surly to get the full effect you should listen to an album the way the artist presents it.
    By now your probably thinking ‘how can you have all these opinions about iPod when you haven’t even got one’, I suppose you have a point, iPod is like Ice Tea, “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Well actually, although I’d rather not admit this, I did have an iPod, until a few months ago, when surprise surprise, it broke. To be accurate it broke a few times.

    The first time it broke taught me that you shouldn’t take them out in the heat. You see my friend lives an hours walk away, (half an hour down a dual carriage-way, but that’s besides the point) and on one relatively ‘hot’ English summer day, which you probably realise is not very hot, I was required to do this walk. So I grab my bottle of volcanicity, my phone, keys and my dreaded iPod, and set of on this journey. I’m happily walking down the street listening to Nine Inch Nails, (I was seeing them live that evening and though I’d get myself ‘in the mood’) when a few tracks into their album, all goes silent, and no it wasn’t a bonus track, my iPod had frozen, I took it out my pocket and nothing would move, none of the buttons did anything. I later learnt that it was heat causing it to do this. I had to spend the next 45 minutes of the journey in silence forcing me into thinking! Thinking!
    …a night of good music quality later and my iPod hasn’t changed, except its now really hot. It took till the morning to sort itself back out. So I charged it back up and was ready and raring to go again.

    Oh I forgot to mention, 6 months prior to this, I had to get past the daunting problem that is iTunes. The hellish companion to your iPod, allowing you to put music on it. Well once you managed to get this installed, you attempt to follow the vague instructions on how to put music on your iPod. You plug in your iPod, and iTunes starts working its ‘magic’, putting all your music from your iTunes library onto your iPod…
    “…wait a minute, there’s nothing in my library”, so you flick though your ‘instruction book’, which I always thought the instructions came in, and don’t find anything to help you. So you resort to their website, which is not a nice place. Fortunately for me, a friend pointed me to the path of enlightenment. This path being a program called “Winamp,” with a small extension, it allowed me to take music on and off my iPod, just by clicking on the tracks and clicking “send to iPod” or “remove from iPod”, isn’t that so much easier?

    As far as I remember, Apple are meant to be the company for the ‘creative industries,’ made for the artists and photographers of the world. Apple – a statement of individuality. Apple no longer are that individual company, and its because of iPod, everyone wants one. This power apple have gained, has even given them control over the charts, if they want a song to get to number one, all they have to do is put it on their advert with blinding colours and the silhouette of some ‘trendy youngster’ dancing. Take “The Caesars – Jerk It Out,” I first heard this band on the Channel 4 program Teachers. No one paid any attention then. Then Apple put it on their advert, and bang! within minutes peoples were downloading this unheard song, despite it being released a few years prior to this.

    Life with my iPod. Turned out this freezing problem wasn’t a one off. I have a friend who lives a fair few miles away in another town, so I was required to take a bus to see her. So I grab my bottle of volcanicity, my phone, keys and my dreaded evil, iPod. I’m listening to some ‘block-rocking beats’ while waiting for my bus. The bus arrived so I got my ticket and sat down, avoiding eye contact with dodgy looking teenager at the back. Next thing I know my iPod has frozen. Again pressing any of the buttons doesn’t seem to have an effect. The bus hadn’t even pulled out before it froze. This meant my only entertainment was a woman sat in front trying to assemble a ‘toilet duck – flush-away head, toilet brush’, which had three pieces. She sat for half an hour attempting to somehow fix them all together. Then there was a woman and an old man (they hadn’t come together) on the seats opposite me. The non-understandable man, sat talking to the uninterested woman for the whole journey. Then there was the man who came to sit next to me a few stops in. I swear once he was sat down, he didn’t move at all, and once there was a spare seat so he could sit on his own, he moved.

    Another thing about both iPod and apple in general, which intrigued me, is the name. iPod. i…Pod. I couldn’t decide whether the ‘i’ was meant to stand for information, or be there as a first person pronoun as in selfish and greedy for the most expensive mp3 player there is. Using a singular letter in companies seems to be all the rage these days though. I guess it doesn’t matter what it stands for, it sounds cool: eBay, t-mobile. Then some companies just take it too far, ‘Phones 4 U’ using numbers for words. ‘Pod’, I really don’t know where that came from, I always thought the iPods were rectangular. Why Apple? And why do they find it necessary to have a bite out of it. I guess it shows they’re missing something. What’s the need for being named after a fruit too? And apple aren’t the only ones, Orange, the mobile phone company. Apparently apple are thinking about making some sort of phone, maybe they’ll join with Orange, and call it the ‘iTropical fruit squash’.

    Life with my iPod. Well over a few months my iPod kept freezing, coming back, then freezing again. Then one day my iPod decided it had no music on it despite it being 80% full. This was the final straw, I wanted my iPod sent back. So I grab my bottle of volcanicity, my phone, keys and my evil, dreaded, broken iPod and set off to the shop. I get to the shop and tell the woman I want to send my iPod back, because it’s broken. She asks what the problem is, and I tell her it keeps freezing. She tells me, its not broken, all iPods freeze. The conversation went something like this:
    Her: its not a fault, all iPods do it
    Me: but its not something it should do, making it a fault
    Her: apple said its not a fault, they all freeze at some point
    Me: so what do you expect me to do when it breaks after four tracks and takes a day to sort itself out
    Her: you reset it
    Me: How?
    Her: plug it into your computer and reset it
    Me: but its frozen, the computer doesn’t detect it
    Her: but you reset it
    Me: but I can’t reset it because its frozen
    Her: so you reset it
    Me: I…cant….reset…it
    This went on for a while. In the end, I finally got to replace it for a non-apple product, the Archos g-mini 400. And I’m very happy now.

    So iPod have gone from being the individual creative media, become ‘cool’ and a ‘must have.’ And now its about as cool as washing machine. Everyone has one, its lost its individuality. Its less of a accessory, more of a white product. (literally) And my mum has one.