Quiz/Survey Thingy - 2011 update


18 mai 2011, 19h31m

Another 2 years on, here we go again!

Player used: iTunes

Total number of tracks: 17565

Sort by song title:
-First Song: A by The Associates
-Last Song: -#!@ by Fischerspooner

Sort by time:
-Shortest Song: Nutopian National Anthem by John Lennon (4 seconds!)
-Longest Song: The Creation of the Universe - Night 2 by Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio

Top 10 Most Played Songs:

1 Fade to Grey by Visage
2 Darkness by The Human League
3 Thieves Like Us by New Order
4 Bottle It Up by Sara Bareilles
5 Fascination by Alphabeat
6 Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire
7 Lovers Town Revisited by Billy Bragg
8 Brilliant Trees (version 2000) by David Sylvian
9 Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode
10 Lips Like Sugar by Echo And The Bunnymen

Sort by album:

First: A-Z by Colin Newman

Last: 89 Hits by Ajda Pekkan

Sort by artist:

First Artist: A-Studio Feat. Poline

Last Artist: !!!

First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
1. The Grave by The Other Two
2. Purple Dust by 808 State
3. Daikokai - Verso il schermo by Ryuichi Sakamoto
4. How Beautiful by Akiko Yano
5. Borrowed Time by John Lennon & Yoko Ono

"sex", how many songs come up?: 73
"love", how many songs come up?: 970
"you", how many songs come up?: 1324
"death", how many songs come up?: 13
"hate", how many songs come up?: 36
"wish" how many songs come up?: 181


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