• anticipating Amel

    15 mai 2007, 20h27m

    Thanks to NPR,
    I will hopefully be whiling away a summer weekend cuddled up with ... aight, TMI ... and a copy of Amel Larrieux's new album Lovely Standards. Both Amazon and iTunes have it on pre-order. I think i'll wait and pick it from the store myself though. I have always imagined that Amel would do fine as a jazz singer; I may not be unique in that sentiment. She wields such restrained control on her voice when she sings and her phrasing is on point sometimes I wonder if soul/r&b music was just a necessary detour for her. Anyway, the album contains Amel's reworking of Jazz standards.

    cop it when it arrives folk.

  • Deja vu screams

    23 jui. 2006, 13h21m

    I just caught B's new video on VH1 soul and I just had to comment. i'm probably not the first person to comment on Beyonce's new single "deja vu". similarities to last year's(?) "Crazy in love" notwithstanding, it is a catchy tune. but why oh why, with such obvious musical range and talent does she have to be screaming so darn much in the track. makes me wonder if screaming = good album sales or something.