Listening to the same album/artist an unhealthy amount


10 jan. 2006, 22h51m

I'm doing it. It's weird, but since hearing Circa Survive yesterday on my recommendation radio I had to get Juturna and now I'm hooked. I'm sure I must have played this thing 20 or 30 times +. No bets on what's going to be my top artist next week.

I don't know when this is going to stop, I can't see it anytime soon. I really can't even think about what else to listen to. I have noticed that the album has errors in the track listing. It looks like EQUAL VISION RECORDS had some troubles with the labels section. That seemed to be back in November or earlier, so whatever bugs those are have probably been looked at since.

Please recommend me some other stuff I'll like! I need some more new stuff. Please not Coheed in Cambria or anything like that just because they're on the same label and sortof similar. I want new, new, new, weird, weird, strange, heavy, awesome, spectacular, and awesome production!


  • closedmouth

    Imago Weird, long, drawn out, but good.

    10 jan. 2006, 23h34m
  • nicoleisahobo

    i love love LOVE circa survive i made a list a few days ago about bands i have been into a lot lately maybe you will like them?

    10 jan. 2006, 23h35m
  • mokele

    It's the morning and... well it was in my playlist, so I'm playing Cirva again. Oh dear. That'd be great. I'll check ROVO out.

    11 jan. 2006, 10h59m
  • PEiP

    Old saosin :D

    12 jan. 2006, 16h15m
  • PEiP

    I cannot stand the fall of troy. I have them tagged, just because I tag what I listen to usually, regardless of whether I like it or not.

    18 jan. 2006, 12h52m
  • prashanthan

    Bloodbath are 'weird, weird, strange, heavy, awesome, spectacular, and awesome production!' But not new.

    24 jan. 2006, 19h24m
  • stikeymo

    hmmmmm.....maybe give codeseven's album the rescue a shot - it's quite good, and might be to your tastes. and if you want good, big, production, although it is cheesey, you can't go wrong with a bit of devin townsend! ;) if you like sikth, why not give aconite thrill a try. specifically their first ep, far superior to the album. oh, and i should probably give props to my old band, arija - - could be up your street too.

    20 fév. 2006, 15h14m
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