Some good friends of mine have just uploaded their album


4 jan. 2006, 21h16m

A couple of years back when I when to Birmingham University I met some good friends by the names of Oli, Mike, and Xenia. Xenia has kindly just uploaded the whole of the Omatic album Capital Beard? The Venerable Would (a band that both Mike and Oli are a part of) to

I'm very excited that they have deciding to put the whole thing here for anyone to listen to ondemand. To quote Xenia herself "there's no point being cagy about these things, it only alienates your potential audience". Which are some great words.

I listen to the album quite often as it is. Now that it's on the site I can listen to it whenever I want, and so can you!

My favourite tracks are Sweet Knob, I Appear To Be Doing This, and A Book About The Truth.

Now that they've got the album properly pressed and with artwork compile by Xenia and the band they're in the process of sending out some nice press packs. I wish them the best with all of this. Expect to hear them everywhere soon ;)

Xenia gfobserver
Chris (Omatic) Chrisassd


  • pairyhenis

    Especially the vocals. I think I Appear To Be Doing This is a great song. Wish them the best of luck from me.

    4 jan. 2006, 21h48m
  • bluto63

    i just listened to sweet knob and i thought it was pretty good..seemed to sound a little like mars volta to me...

    28 jan. 2006, 20h37m
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