Breaking news: Radiohead's latest album *rocks* !


24 nov. 2007, 8h20m

I've never been a Radiohead fan. Except for a couple of songs, I didn't like their style, their gloomy tone, and Yorke's calimero-sounding voice (and lyrics AFAICS).

Then Radiohead released In Rainbows online, with a huge buzz around it (not the music, but the fact that the downloader makes his own price). Out of curiosity, I wanted to try if I could buy it for 0 BGP: that was supposedly what it was worth to my ears, and I was to quickly delete it after a listen or two. And yes, downloading In Rainbows for the price of 0 BGP is possible.

That's when I got a smartphone at work, the kind that's able to play MP3s. I was about to do job trips every week, and I like listening to music while travelling, so just before leaving I threw into my smartphone the first MP3s I had at hand. You guessed it, it was In Rainbows.

I still don't know how, but I was quickly hooked : as everyone, I first played intriguing and catchy 15 Step, but quickly Nude met the mood I was in (proof: the video I made with pictures I took then). But my favourite is Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, which is great to listen while walking cities.

Bottom-line: never say never. :) And keep evolving, Radiohead. ;)


  • digeme

    I agree, great album. I wasn´t expecting much since I was not really a fan of the last three albums but listening to In Rainbows change my mind.

    28 nov. 2007, 20h05m
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