superstar scrobblers ?


21 jui. 2006, 7h13m

Proof that showers don't only serve to sing: while having mine today, I wondered: are there members who are music superstars ?

I mean, while browing, I often encounter users who are part or a band or solo musicians, and they often publicize it on their profile blurb, like recently deanchristesen (who even uploaded The Supreme Quartet's tracks, cool, they deserve a try). But - pardon me if you're one of those - I was thinking about more famous people - as of today at least. ;) Maybe Bono is reading this journal, for example ? Or perhaps Thom Yorke is a forum moderator ? Or take Peter Gabriel: he was a pioneer with sequencers IIRC, he must be quite geeky, and maybe he listens to music on his high-end iPod, or on his personal computer with some plugin turned on ? So what's his account ? I'd love to know what theses famous stars listen to.

Actually, I happen to think at least one is hiding in the staff. Perhaps Russ is actually Angus Young ? Or mustaqila Mick Jagger ? So how's the new album going, muz ? ;)

[ Note: After having seen they added the staff's pics on the aforementioned page, I think these last 2 assumptions are definitely wrong. :) ]


  • bradley_python

    huh... About the staff members... flaneur is Matthew Ogle and he rocks out!

    21 jui. 2006, 8h10m
  • Cladonio

    A superstar wouldn't have time to run, so the staff is obviously people whose most hectic days as performing musicians are over. Judging from the tiny pictures: mustaqila is Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme. (photo is from the early 90s when he had long hair). Or maybe he's the guy from E-type, here? muesli is Richard Wright from Pink Floyd, see here. RJ... well, he's a pretty boy so he's one of those American Idol winners. I can't remember their actual names but I guess it doesn't matter. RNR is what Roy Orbison actually looks like without sunglasses. I don't know about Russ, he looks like he's from one of those indie rock bands I know little about. Or then he's one of those techno stars from the early 90s.

    21 jui. 2006, 9h18m
  • bradley_python

    Oh! I forgot hannahdonovan as the lead singer of The Sisters of Mercy

    21 jui. 2006, 10h19m
  • Cladonio

    Oops, mustaqila is obviously Slash. How could I have missed that? Even his posture in the picture is similar. Add a cigarette, top hat and a bottle of Jack Daniels and it's obvious. Has anybody ever seen mustaqila and Slash in the same place? :D And yet he has time for forums! Pretty impressive. Little do users know that while he's typing answers with his toes, he's using his fingers to play the guitar for the rest of the staff.

    21 jui. 2006, 10h53m
  • talking_animal

    mll, many months ago I had made up my mind that you were Charles Aznavour. Now can you comp me for the Radio City show in September?

    22 jui. 2006, 23h54m
  • mll

    Oh sh*t, I forgot I had a show in the US soon... I might not be able to be here, sorry: I have groups to manage, extensions to update, journal to write... Cladonio: what an hawk eye ! Good intuition...

    23 jui. 2006, 6h05m
  • muz

    [quote][b]Quoth[/b] Cladonio Add a cigarette, top hat and a bottle of Jack Daniels and it's obvious.[/quote] You obviously haven't seen me on a Friday night... ;)

    30 jui. 2006, 5h37m
  • deanchristesen

    For the record, I am honored to be mentioned in this journal. Not quite famous, but oh well. :D It's really interesting to talk to people on here about the band they're in, and then go to the band's website and realize they're kind of a big deal. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some superstars on here.

    28 déc. 2006, 21h15m
  • Tecfan

    my friend spoke to the drummer of Daylight Dies here on famous enough?

    1 jui. 2008, 8h19m
  • mll

    Well I don't happen to know them. :)

    1 jui. 2008, 9h10m
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