• Musician Shame List: A List of "Musicians" I hate

    23 jui. 2014, 21h54m

    Everyone HATES artists. I may strongly dislike people's music, such as Jay-Z or Beyonce, but i don't hate them. I hate human pieces of shit who happen to be musicians. Here's a list of them, in order. These "artists" are the scum in the music industry.

    1. Dahvie Vanity from Blood on the Dance Floor
    -Sexually assaulting/flirting with/raping underage fans

    2. Randy Blythe of Lamb of God
    -Killed a guy and got away with it

    3. Chris Brown
    -Woman beater/misogynist. He's also a huge pussy and a racist prick.

    4. Dr. Dre
    -Woman beater

    5. Michael Jackson
    -Well known accused child molester. Charges were only dropped because he paid off the family. On top of this, he should of been charged with child endangerment for the window thing he did with his son. In addition, a doctor is in jail because of Jackson's wishes to quietly be given drugs. He's the worst kind of addict, the kind that gets others in trouble as well. I'm not saying that his doctor is innocent, I'm saying people should know Jackson was a drug abuser and he wasn't murdered.

    6. Jimmy Page and any other musician who does this
    -Sex with a minor, kidnapping

    7. Justin Bieber
    I don't give two shits about his music. It's terrible, but that's not why he's on here. When he's not getting in fights with Paparazzi members or acting like an entitled asshole, he's drunk driving and vandalizing.

    8. Gene Simmons from KISS
    -He believes the poor should pay more taxes and that he is above taxes. He also wonders when the last time a poor person "gave anyone a job," even though his fans are the ones giving him a job. He is also racist and said the most disturbing comments ever.

    9. Every single NSBM artist, such as Goatmoon.
    -I may like some songs by some of these artists and they may be talented, but that doesn't excuse them from writing songs about the empowerment of Nazism or racism. Racism is a terrible thing that should be stamped out. Just hate every human because the human race as a whole is selfish and misguided, mostly due to societal influences. Regardless, these guys think that just because they're "pure blood" nordics that they are above everyone. Dude! Nazis invaded Norway and Norwegians fought back!

    10. Ted Nugent
    -Terrible attitude and an unwillingness to keep his mouth shut. On top of that he talks shit about vegetarians and worships the NRA (research the true intentions and beliefs of the current NRA and their lobbying efforts). On top of that, he's racist against Native American and hispanic people.

    11. Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying
    -Attempted murderer and liar. Pretended to be a Christian metal act to make more money. That being said, I still like the band's music, but he's a piece of shit.

    12. Vince Neil of Motley Crue
    -DUI that resulted in fatalities

    13. Lars Ulrich of Metallica
    -Suing companies, schools, and fans for downloading his songs, despite the fact that he's richer than I'll ever be in my entire life. I'm a musician. If someone got my albums for free, I wouldn't give a shit. At least they're listening to my music and giving me exposure and possibly even telling their friends about me.

    14. Kanye West
    -Unnecessary rants about music and speaking up when he doesn't need to. Terrible comments and thinking he's above everyone.

    15. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden
    -Talks shit about an entire genre of music that partly influenced many types of metal and that a lot of his fans enjoy.

    16. Lana Del Rey
    -Wishing you are dead to attract media attention is the stupidest thing ever. Plenty of people this second are being murdered or suffering from rare diseases that will kill them. They would trade their current fate with that of a rich celebrity anyday. Then she tried to take it back and say it was the reporter's fault?!

    17. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    -Stole a copyrighted picture and refused to give the artist credit. Then harassed him on twitter and acted like assholes


    1. Peter Frampton
    -This article is written in a way that makes him seem like a hero, but I think he's a dick. If people pay money to go see your concerts, they should be able to take pictures and video of your performance. While cell phone quality recordings and pictures have improved, it's not like they are anywhere good enough to rival professional ones or be worth money to anyone. These people should have put theri phones away when the business told them to, but Peter Frampton had no right to do this. To people who say that they "really hate" when people take pics/vids at shows, FUCK YOU! Do you know what I hate at shows? CROWDSURFERS! Until you get hit by some idiot crowdsurfing, you don't know the half of complaining about other fans.

    2. Chuck Berry
    -Videotaped women, including a minor, using the bathroom in his restaurant

    3. Johnny Cash
    -While a lot of people know about his very infamous past, the only thing that lands him on this list is this. Killing Condors and burning down a forest
  • Favorite Musicians

    29 juin 2014, 8h04m

    Bengt Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity)
    Raymond Istvàn Rohonyi (Theatre of Tragedy)
    Daniel Lloyd "Dani Filth" Davey (Cradle of Filth)
    Marcus Ehlin (Siebenbürgen)
    Dennis "Seregor" Droomers (Carach Angren)

    Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull (Theatre of Tragedy/Leaves' Eyes)
    Emilie Autumn Liddell
    Agnieszka "Nera" Górecka (Darzamat/NeraNature)
    Ragnhild Westgaard "Nell" Sigland (Theatre of Tragedy/The Crest)
    Kicki Höijertz (Siebenbürgen-1999-2001)

    Favorite All Around Musicians:
    Christos Antoniou-Septicflesh
    Vladimir Cochet-Mirrorthrone/Unholy Matrimony

    Favorite Drummers:
    Fotis Benardo-Septicflesh
    Francesco Paoli-Fleshgod Apocalypse

    Favorite Guitarists combos:
    Chuck Schuldiner/?-Death
    Johan Soderburg/Olavi Mikkonen-Amon Amarth
  • Live List-Konzerte

    25 août 2012, 0h24m

    (only bands i've seen a good amount of their setlist, or their entire setlist)
    I was into Rap and hip hop from 2003-late2007
    Classic rock/alt rock from early 2006-2008,
    Basic metal-late2007-early2009
    Deathcore, Metalcore from 2008-early2011,
    Melodic Death from 2009-mid2011, 2014-present
    Black Metal- 2011-2012
    Death Metal (all forms) from mid2011-late 2012
    Gothic Metal (all forms) from late 2012-present
    Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal-2012-present
    Trying the typical "everything" 2014-present

    A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS-other than "I Ran" they suck, but okay live


    AC/DC-good stage presence, but their songs aren't that great

    ACCEPT-Pure old fashioned heavy metal. They way it should be played!

    AGOLLACH-pretty boring, not my type of music at all

    ALL THAT REMAINS-good band, but Phil is a shitty vocalist and lyricist

    AMON AMARTHx1-Pure badass
    AMON AMARTHx2-Fucking amazing. One of the best shows, by far

    AMORPHIS-amazing band

    ANA KEFR- Sick ass band. Great show

    THE ANSWER-pretty good rock band

    ATREYU- horrible, their vocalist can't sing becoming the bull for shit

    THE B-52'S- complete shit, sooo boring

    BEDLAMS OF CACOPHONY-awesome tech riffs but too out there for me

    BEHEMOTH-kicked ass, pure polish greatness

    BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME- i fell asleep due to boredom

    BILLY IDOL- he kicks ass, he's great live

    THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERx1-they were decent
    THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER x2-they fucking suck, and only the lead guitarist picks legit, and doesn't use tremolo!!!!


    BLACK TUSK-okay

    BLONDIE- ehhhh, not that great, but not horrible

    BONDED BY BLOOD-sick headbanging music. bad ass show

    BUCKCHERRY- they were okay

    BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE-matt is a good guitarist, and they were good live, but songs aren't that good

    CANNIBAL CORPSE-powerful performance, true death at it's finest

    CHILDREN OF BODOM X 1-pretty good but show was too short
    CHILDREN OF BODOM X 2-songs weren't great but they were awesome live

    CHIMAIRA-decent band if you like chugs for entire songs, lots of breakdowns

    CLUTCH-is it possible to get a worse vocalist? Boring as fuck too!!

    COHEED AND CAMBRIA-opened with welcome home, then got boring as fuck, then we booed them off stage

    CRADLE OF FILTH-fucking epic

    CREPITUS-great band, awesome live

    CRYSTAL CASTLES- shitty synthesized bass, a couple catchy keyboard riffs, but her vocal styles either sound like shit or don't go with the song

    THE CURE-good music, but they are boring as fuck live

    DANIEL LIONEYE-pretty good

    DARK TRANQUILLITYx1-badass, too bad they played with shit bands
    DARK TRANQUILLITYx2-Fucking awesome. They are always so epic live

    DEPECHE MODE- really good, dave's vocals are still great

    DEVIL DRIVERx1-fucking awesome
    DEVIL DRIVERX2-not as good when headlining

    THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA-entertaining, but complete shit music, horrible vocals and riffs

    DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT-funny guy, he's cool, but music is too weird for me

    DEVO-music sucks, but they are funny live

    DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES-good thrash show

    DISCO DEATH ROCK- when i want to hear black sabbath and pantera songs covered by dubstep, i'll look you guys up. So bad!!

    DOMMIN-i respect them but their music is just okay

    DREAM THEATER-they were boring as hell

    DROWNING POOL-i've seen worse, i've seen way better

    DYING FETUSx1-Pure brutal...sick show
    DYING FETUSx2-even better!! pure headbanging madness!

    EDDIE MONEY-he's okay

    ELVIS COSTELLO-kind of boring, but he's a cool guy

    EMILIE AUTUMNx1-the greatest show that ever existed. She's so nice and such a talented performer. It was like a dream. I'd go see her again in a heart beat.
    EMILIE AUTUMNx2-the show was abbreviated because it was a festival, but it was really good none the less. I'm glad that she played some old stuff that she hasn't played in a while.

    ENSLAVED-Really good band. Their vocalists are very talented.

    EX DEO-badass band, great live, sick music

    EXHUMED-Fucking epic, super badass band

    EXMORTUS-really good thrash band. Cool live.

    EXODUS-they suck now, boring

    FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE-really good band, obviously, but they're even better live. Paolo Rossi is a beast.

    FINCH-pretty good for an early emo band. Really entertaining. Not bad

    FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH-boring as fuck

    FOREIGNER-actually pretty good

    GEORGE CLINTON-complete shit, he can't sing anymore, and the band he hired sucked

    GOATWHOREx1-badass show, awesome pit
    GOATWHORE x2-pure boring, they suck now live. What happened?

    GRENDEL- super fun live, great setlist.

    HALFORD-he's great live, he still has his voice

    HATE-the name says it all, the definition of pure destruction

    HATEBREED-pure shit

    (HED) P.E.-you guys can suck my dick, you are pure shit, and are fucking terrible, nothing is good about you, and i regret going with my friend to see your shitty show, fuck you. worst concert and band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    IMMOLATION X 1-fucking sick show
    IMMOLATION X 2-fucking epic show

    IMPENDING DOOM-worst "metal" band i've ever seen, i could have fallen asleep to them

    INQUISITION (Columbia/USA)- they are great live considering they are only 2 guys.

    IRON MAIDEN-they sucked. saw them on final frontier tour

    JANE'S ADDICTION-good show, i liked them

    JOAN JETT X1-pretty good
    JOAN JETT X2-pretty good

    JOB FOR A COWBOYx1-they were just whatevers
    JOB FOR A COWBOY x2-you guys blow dick

    JUNGLE ROT-sick band but too many chugs

    KATAKLYSM-sick band, good live

    KEEP OF KALESSIN-great live

    KILLSWITCH ENGAGE x1- they played 5 songs, so they were good
    KILLSWITCH ENGAGE x2- they had the douchebag from all that remains, and they headlined,so they fucking sucked. How are they so big? My curse is their only good song

    KISSx1-awesome band, great stage presence
    KISSx2-This was at a promotional hockey game. They only played 3 songs, but they were really good

    KORN-i respect them, but they suck live. So boring

    KREATOR-Pure mayhem live, they fucked shit up

    KRISIUN- Awesome solos, but too many chugs for my taste. Really boring

    LAMB OF GOD x1-pretty good, not great music but fun live
    LAMB OF GOD x2-alot better than the first time, but still music isn't great

    LENNY KRAVITZ-he was pretty good

    MADROST x1-great thrash band
    MADROST x2-even better, badass band

    MARILYN MANSON-music sucks, and he wasn't that great

    MAYHEM-Attila is a badass, hellhammer kills his drums

    MELECHESH- amazing band

    METALLICA-not that great

    MORBID ANGEL-sick show, awesome setlist

    MOTLEY CRUE-entertaining live

    MUNICIPAL WASTE-unlike any thrash show ever done before, the most fun show by far

    NACHTMYSTIUM-good band, pretty good live

    NAILS-they're okay

    NIGHTWISH-fantastic performance

    NILE-Brutal as fuck, pure badass. Almost as good as Dying Fetus.

    NINE INCH NAILS-i respect him, but he's just okay live

    NYCERIA- sounds exactly like five finger death punch, but more boring. however they were the best band on that Hardcore Unity thing.

    OBITUARY-John kicks ass live

    OBSCURA-techy as hell, but the sounds system sucked for them. still good though

    OMNIUM GATHERUM-really fun and entertaining band. They are really good

    OZZY OSBOURNE-always entertaining

    THE POLICE- my first concert, pretty good. I like Stewart, he's a good drummer

    RATT-good band, good solos, good live

    REO SPEEDWAGON-they boring

    REVOCATION-sick band, music is too out there for me, but good live

    ROB ZOMBIE-good live, but he's lyrics are shit.

    SANGRE-great riffs and drumming, but they need a good vocalist, theirs sucks

    SLIPKNOT-good technical performance and stage presence, but music is pure shit

    SEPTIC FLESHx1-pure epicness, would have been better if they didn't start playing the second after they let people in
    SEPTIC FLESHx2- fucking awesome, a fantastic show, but kinda upset that there was no Sotiris.
    SEPTIC FLESHx3-Fucking awesome. Great setlist, featuring ORDER OF DRACUL!!


    SIX FEET UNDER-chris barnes is fucking awesome, kevin tally fucks shit up

    SKELETONWITCHX1-entertaining, and fun
    SKELETONWITCHX2-entertaining and fun
    SKELETONWITCHx3-always puts on a good show

    SLAYER-they mostly played new shit, but they were okay

    STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB-tom morello is good, but overall they suck

    SWALLOW THE SUN-fantastic band, extremely musically talented

    THE FACELESSX1-sick show, techy as fuck
    THE FACELESSX2-Michael is a badass, sick show

    THE SWORD-interesting band, not that good other than "freya"

    TRIVIUM X1-great live
    TRIVIUM X 2-needed a longer set, only played 4 songs

    TURISAS-fucking fun to see them

    TWISTED SISTER-interesting band, they still got it

    U2-boring as fuck

    WAGE SLAVE-good guitar and drums but vocalist is complete trash, he's worthless and pathetic


    WINDS OF PLAGUE-really good band, one of the 2 good deathcore bands. I actually like them.

    WHITECHAPEL-you guys suck

    WORMROT-these guys are badasses

    WRETCHED-complete trash

    XANTHROCHROID-the single greatest local band i've ever seen

    2CENTS- they were okay, but their songs suck

    3 INCHES OF BLOODx1-fucking awesome
    3 INCHES OF BLOODX2-would have been better if the crowd didn't suck
    3 INCHES OF BLOODX3-fucking best performance i've seen by them. kicked ass