Mix Tape 15th and 22nd May


22 mai 2011, 13h18m

Hello tiddly peeps! Glad to see you survived the "rapture" and came back for some more awesome new (and old) tunes ^_^

I didn't post up last weeks playlist because I was away for the weekend seeing Rush in Glasgow, but there was one put up (if anyone noticed). I shall give you the list from last week AND this week!

This is also the last week you can listen to the first playlist, as I plan to take playlists off after they've been up for four weeks. So make sure you check those out and bookmark the tracks you like to your We7 accounts ;-)

This week there are some brand new tracks from In Flames and Pain, two very influencial bands in my life, as well as a whole mix of new artists, most of which I have only discovered this week! Last week was a progfest with not one but TWO Rush tracks, including a new one from them that they played on their latest tour.

So make sure you check it out, hit the "like" button, and spread the word!



In Flames - melodic death metal, metal, death metal, swedish, swedish metal
Kashmir - danish, rock, indie rock, alternative, indie
Trespassers William - dream pop, indie, shoegaze, female vocalists, ethereal
Dark the Suns - melodic death metal, gothic metal, dark metal, finnish, melodic metal
Ikuinen Kaamos - progressive black metal, black metal, progressive death metal, progressive metal, finnish
Kauan - doom metal, dark metal, folk metal, russian, black metal
Waltari - crossover, metal, alternative, finnish, experimental
By Night - metalcore, melodic death metal, hardcore, death metal, metal
Noumena - melodic death metal, finnish, death metal, metal, finnish metal
Pain - industrial metal, metal, industrial, swedish, alternative


Rush - progressive rock, classic rock, rock, hard rock, progressive
Black Sabbath - heavy metal, hard rock, classic rock, metal, rock
Dream Theater - progressive metal, progressive rock, metal, progressive, rock
Bigelf - progressive rock, stoner rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, rock
Genesis - progressive rock, classic rock, rock, progressive
Yes - progressive rock, classic rock, rock, progressive, british
It Bites - progressive rock, rock, british, neo-prog
Opeth - progressive metal, progressive death metal, death metal, metal, melodic death metal
Camel - progressive rock, classic rock, art rock, progressive, rock


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