Best 20 Dream Theater songs ever


9 nov. 2008, 0h33m

Best 20 Dream Theater songs:

1. A Change of Seasons
2. Metropolis Part I: The Miracle And The Sleeper
3. Learning to Live
4. Octavarium
5. Home
6. The Spirit Carries On
7. Hell's Kitchen
8. Finally Free
9. In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 1 & 2
10. Voices
11. The Mirror
12. In The Name Of God
13. Trial of Tears
14. These Walls
15. Blind Faith
16. The Great Debate
17. Stream Of Consciousness
18. Space-Dye Vest
19. Take the Time
20. 6:00

I just made this list cause I had some time to kill and I’ve been willing to do something like this for a long time. So it basically covers all the albums from the beginning until Systematic Chaos. I tried to make the list in order but I can’t really say I managed to do so. So let’s just say I love all these 20 songs equally :P

All these songs are my personal choices so feel free to add your list as well :)

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  • Mnemicz

    Top 20? Ergh.. The only one in correct order would probably be the first 4 :P But anyways... 1. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence 2. Octavarium 3. Learning To Live 4. A Change Of Seasons The rest - not in order: 5. Finally Free 6. Blind Faith 7. Take The Time 8. Surrounded 9. Metropolis 10. Hell's Kitchen 11. Sacrificed Sons 12. You Not Me 13. Home 14. The Glass Prison 15. Misunderstood 16. Space Dye Vest 17. In The Presence Of Enemies 18. The Ministry Of Lost Souls 19. Beyond This Life 20. The Spirit Carries On I am not satisfied with this! >:(

    15 nov. 2008, 0h32m
  • jjvarghese

    This just in: music is subjective and subject to personal taste. More at 11.

    13 fév. 2010, 4h04m
  • lhondrums

    i <3 each and every song

    11 sept. 2010, 21h27m
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