Creative Commons and Jamendo


4 juin 2006, 10h38m

creativecommons are around the net for quite a long time now. The only plattform i knew for getting cc licensed music so far was opsound and it was pretty unuseable the last time i visited it. Ok they have this really nice web stream with all this hip experimental music streaming, but this was all. Yesterday i checked creativecommons again for content[/url| and found jamendo. One look at it, it incorporates everything that is hip at the moment: podcasting, tags and bittorrent. The website itself forces you to sign up after you use it a while, this is annoying, but: it is really useable and great music is provided there. e.q. Vate,Solcarlus,Spleen(the french band) and Tryad. Of which Vate is a user too.

It seems that creativecommons is a concept ready for take off.
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