• Favourite tracks - a study - part 1

    25 fév. 2008, 16h53m

    Hey there! I guess I haven't been writing here for a long time. I would like to start an analysis of my favourite tracks. Hope you read it and make any comments. The numbers don't mean the hierarchy and the order of the tracks is incidental.

    01. A&E

    Discovered this not so long ago and it mesmerized me totally. Acoustic, soft and an easylistening downtempo-like track. I really love Felt Mountain and the track A&E that promotes the new album Seventh Tree promises the same sounds as were on the debut album. Recommended for relaxation.

    02. Ghost Love Score

    Opus Magnum of Nightwish's songs. An epic, orchestral track with beautiful Tarja's voice and incredible strenght of the riffs. It lasts 10 minutes, but it's worth it! If you love symphonic metal, you will enjoy this song.

    03. The Phantom of the Opera

    I've seen Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "The Phantom of the Opera" and it was, indeed, amazing. But Nightwish's version of the main song is a total masterpiece. Marco and Tarja give a new sounding to the song and the metal riffs is something I'm really diggin' here. It's heavy and addictive. Just wonder how would it look like if Tarja was singing in the movie instead of Emmy Rossum. Must hear!

    04. Wishmaster

    Ok, another Nightwish. This time this is the song that I am sentimental for. This is the first Nightwish song that I heard and actually became addicted to it. From hearing this song I started listening to NW. The fantastic operatic-choral beginning that resolves into a fast and powerful track. Although we can't hear any orchestra there, Wishmaster is a masterpiece of the old Tarja-fronted Nightwish. You just need to hear it. A classic that doesn't grow old.

    05. Lazarus

    One can say that this is one of the weaker tracks by Porcupine Tree. I think it's really good. Acoustic, soft, quite romantic in sounding. If I were to create a music video for it, I would put a pack of memories recorded on some old video camera - from a little child to a grown up man - the vision of one's growing up. And it's quite optimistic. You know, Lazarus was ressurected by Christ... Recommended!

    06. Majty

    It's a Polish song and it's totally freakin' cool. Beats combined with guitars give it a trip-hop sounding. The whole song is a manifesto of the young generation. They want to make miracles - they want to love, make children. Hilarious lyrics!

    07. Inner Sanctum (feat. Leszek Możdżer)

    Ok, change of genre. I wasn't into Behemoth. But the album The Apostasy is just freakin' awesome. The best track is Inner Sanctum which has a piano solo made by Leszek Możdżer - a polish jazz pianist. The effect could be better (because the piano improvisations are not so sophisticated), but still the efect is so amazing and breathtaking. I wasn't never into death/black metal...but this song is a true music masterpiece. I won't comment the lyrics, 'cause they're specific [like in all Behemoth's songs ;)].

    08. Midnight's Hymn

    Incredible. Full of misery and pain, this is one of the best Virgin Black's songs. Full orchestral power, operatic female voice...doom guitars. It's slow and incredibly touching. The song was earlier released on the debut album, but it was faster, harded. The new version is totally better.

    09. BaRock

    Polish Apocalyptica, but Jelonek is only one man. The guys from Hunter helped him to create a heavy and influential piece of metal music combined with the sound of violin. See the video on'll be amazed. The song is made in a baroque manner. Very, very, very addictive.

    10. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)

    A distorted love song. Comparable to Tainted Love, but still better. The chorus is just a remarkable paragon of pinning and needling...and the atmosphere is felt. You can call it a high school goth love song...yeah..whatever...It's one of the best of newer Manson's tracks.

    That's all for today - stay tuned for another part of favourite tracks.
  • Tiamat - Wildhoney

    4 nov. 2007, 10h34m

    It's Sunday and the clock is showing half past 11 am. One of my friends recommended me listening to Tiamat. I normally listen to gothic music, but I haven't heard much of this group. I've picked up one album, which was praised on one of my favourite metal reviews webpages and I've listened to it. And, My God, I'm asking myself right now, why haven't I heard this before.

    The album is called Wildhoney. The first resemblance of the title gives an idea of some happy country songs (I think there even was a country song called "Wildhoney"). Of course, I was seriously mistaken. Wildhoney is a great combination of depressive gothic rock. Opeth and Katatonia could have been inspired by the group, because as I hear them, they sound realy similar. Tiamat still gives a description of being a progressive group. Some of the melodies and patterns might resemble the legendary Pink Floyd as it is done, for example in the songs Planets or A Pocket Size Sun. Wildhoney is absolutely melancholical and gloomy doom. Some riffs come into comparison with Black Sabbath, as it is in Whatever That Hurts. To be honest, I just can't get off Wildhoney at the moment. I think that it will go to the list of my favorite albums. Period!
  • Sweet Noise - The Triptic

    4 août 2007, 20h31m

    Finally! The new Sweet Noise album has been released. After their new image presented in "Revolta", I was totally disappointed with the path they had chosen. "The Triptic" is a new step for the group. They made a fantastic connection of metal, electronic and African music. Just check out the first couple of songs. In "Victims of War" Glaca collaborates with a gospel-like female voice, which sounds incredible. Of course, there are some songs with strong hip-hop influences (like "Missing You"), but they are harder and are mixed with heavy guitar riffs. Their trip to Africa finally reactivated them as they were supposed to play. Let me say - congratulations!

    Sweet Noise
  • Day 1: Kanal Audytywny

    31 août 2006, 16h49m


    I found out that I should do something here. I'm going to write about my music discoveries. First of all, I would like to tell you about Kanal Audytywny.

    I mostly listen to metal music. But there are moments in my life that I must have a little jump from the everyday music. Today is a day by Kanal Audytywny. This music is simply fantastic. I don't listen to hip-hop, especially the polish one, but they are one of the best groups I have ever heard. They connect trip-hop with jazz and it sounds great. I find it even better than Skalpel. The Polish hip-hop music that I see in tv sometimes, is terrible. Most of the groups are trying to enter the world by making songs about good parties with marihuana and alcohol or depressing love stories. Kanal Audytywny is a unique band. You can barely see it on tv or listen to it in a radio station. But if you meet them, you will love them. The acid jazz atmosphere is hearable by the specific jazzy bass, trumpet, special guest that normally are in the jazz world. The lyrics are hip-hop-like, but luckily they don't attach the commercial hip-hop lyrics. I recommend this band to anyone, who likes acid jazz and trip-hop. You are going to like it. Mark my words!

    Kanał Audytywny