Tiamat - Wildhoney


4 nov. 2007, 10h34m

It's Sunday and the clock is showing half past 11 am. One of my friends recommended me listening to Tiamat. I normally listen to gothic music, but I haven't heard much of this group. I've picked up one album, which was praised on one of my favourite metal reviews webpages and I've listened to it. And, My God, I'm asking myself right now, why haven't I heard this before.

The album is called Wildhoney. The first resemblance of the title gives an idea of some happy country songs (I think there even was a country song called "Wildhoney"). Of course, I was seriously mistaken. Wildhoney is a great combination of depressive gothic rock. Opeth and Katatonia could have been inspired by the group, because as I hear them, they sound realy similar. Tiamat still gives a description of being a progressive group. Some of the melodies and patterns might resemble the legendary Pink Floyd as it is done, for example in the songs Planets or A Pocket Size Sun. Wildhoney is absolutely melancholical and gloomy doom. Some riffs come into comparison with Black Sabbath, as it is in Whatever That Hurts. To be honest, I just can't get off Wildhoney at the moment. I think that it will go to the list of my favorite albums. Period!


  • Rubenos

    Z Tiamatu słyszałem jedynie album Skeleton Skeletron. Interesujące, dołujące granie. Czasem dla mnie aż za bardzo dołujące. Cały klimat dopełnia ponadto powolny, flegmatyczny głos wokalisty. Polecam zwłaszcza utwór Church of Tiamat.

    12 nov. 2007, 14h07m
  • Cygnus-X

    Check out A Deeper Kind of Slumber, very different from Wildhoney but very enjoyable, lot of Pink Floyd touches, very atmospheric. As previous poster suggested, Church of Tiamat is a great DVD to check out, very good live songs.

    19 nov. 2007, 1h32m
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