• Another A to Z to wreck everyones head :-)

    12 jan. 2006, 13h32m

    I've nothing better to be doing at this present moment in time so boredom lead me to compile this list of artists i respect..

    Of course theres 101 others than could go in here but these are the first that leap'd from my grey matter onto this page.

    A - Autamata
    B - Boards of Canada
    C - Casino vs Japan
    D - David Bowie
    E - Erland Øye
    F - Four Tet
    G - Global Goon
    H - Herbaliser
    I - Ian Pooley
    J - Jurassic 5
    K - Kruder & Dorfmeister
    L - Lali Puna
    M - Massive Attack
    N - Nightmares on Wax
    O - Orbital
    P - Plaid
    Q - Quantic
    R - Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band
    S - Soulwax
    T - Telefon Tel Aviv
    U - Urban Myth Club
    V - Verbrilli Sound
    W - White Stripes
    X - Xela
    Y - Yo Le Tengo
    Z - Zero 7
  • Moments

    27 oct. 2005, 15h33m

    To remember..
    My brother just left the country yesterday, on a plane bound for bangkok and beyond and i was thinking back over some of the travels and adventures i've been on and i got thinking..
    What are the best moments in your life, the ones if you closed your eyes and remembered them it would bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your body.

    For me its probably

    - The first morning of a foreign trip, waking up in a strange place with nothing on the agenda but exploration.

    - Mutual attraction. When you have caught that girls eye for the first time and although she looks away, theres a hint of a smile and interest on her face which dares you to approach her (which of course you do :)

    - Christmas eve. After walking around the town for a bit i always hit the pub around 1-2, meet all my friends, have a few pints, see old faces you haven't seen in a year. Rosey cheeks, nice drinks + good conversation.

    - Scoring the winning goal. You've been playing your heart out and its down to the wire. A long pass comes your way which you somehow manage to take it down and around a defender in one swift action, tap it past the next one and curl a left footed strike into the top of the goal.

    -Breath taking scenery. You've been hiking now for about 3 hours and then summit is just ahead. The wind is whipping past your face but at this stage you can't even feel it. Finally you reach the top and squint down at the tiny sprawling village almost hidden in the landscape, and the lake and dam in the distance.. You feel like a god, looking down at his play things. Like a kid again, with the toy soldiers, dinkies and a playing mat.

    Well, thats all i can think of at the moment but remembering them has brought a smile to my face.. :)
  • hello world

    24 oct. 2005, 9h32m

    Whats happening to the world?

    Hurricanes are ripping up the east coast of my television, the killer flu pandemic is on the way carried by your friendly sparrow (quick, get the shotgun), Islamic bombers are about to kill your child and the terrorists are in our midst, like gorrillaz in the trees. Bomb the trees!

    And in the meanwhile, life goes on, as it always has.. The cowering mass of western humanity are shaking in their designer boots and listen to what "we must do to protect ourselves and our way of life", but make sure you keep working and shopping people!

    Revolutions only seem to be about clothes anymore. The non conformist movement is now about all wearing black and all listening to the same music. Is there anything original left?

    Right now i'm sick of the lot of you.. :)
    Have a good day.