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24 oct. 2005, 9h32m

Whats happening to the world?

Hurricanes are ripping up the east coast of my television, the killer flu pandemic is on the way carried by your friendly sparrow (quick, get the shotgun), Islamic bombers are about to kill your child and the terrorists are in our midst, like gorrillaz in the trees. Bomb the trees!

And in the meanwhile, life goes on, as it always has.. The cowering mass of western humanity are shaking in their designer boots and listen to what "we must do to protect ourselves and our way of life", but make sure you keep working and shopping people!

Revolutions only seem to be about clothes anymore. The non conformist movement is now about all wearing black and all listening to the same music. Is there anything original left?

Right now i'm sick of the lot of you.. :)
Have a good day.


  • adventursaurus

    that's some bleak shit right there. well articulated though. to answer your question, no. there is nothing new under the sun. nothing ever changes, except delusions to the contrary. keep up the writing though. we need more of your kind on our side.

    24 oct. 2005, 11h08m
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