Full of Hate 2009


10 mars 2009, 20h12m

Mon 9 Mar – Amon Amarth, Obituary, Legion of the Damned, Keep of Kalessin

After a job trying to park my car in this part of London, I arrived at the venue at approx 6.30, to find NO QUEUE!! This for regular gigers in the capital is somewhat of a pleasant suprise for the Forum. However on entering the venue I realised that Keep of Kalessin were already into their set!!! How early are these events going to start?It's ridiculous that the vast majority would miss a quality band like KoK due to the time allowed to get in after a hard days graft, and the London traffic and transport system.Not every metal fan is a schoolkid, and we have jobs and lives !!
Keep were brilliant, and I managed to catch tracks from Armada,Crown of Kings and Winged Watcher, and from Kolossus, Ascendent. Great musicians and confidently delivered despite the megre audience at such an early hour.Quality.
After meeting up with friends,yes I do have some,Legion of the Damned took to the stage with their Slayer tribute act. Enough said.
I last saw Obituary in 2006 after Frozen in Time was released, and this time they include Ralph Santolla from Deicide in their ranks on lead guitar. Well, they were every bit as good as thier pedigree would suggest, with the phenominal Donald and John Tardy brothers in great form,blasting out new tracks like Evil Ways and classics like Slowly We Rot!
Amon Amarth had something to do to eclipse that performance and when Thor appeared on the huge backdrop of the Tighlight art work and the intro music started I thought they will need all of the Thunder God's help to do it! They didn't need him, as they blasted out lots of the last 3 albums tracks, and threw in North Sea Storm from Once Sent From the Golden Hall 'Victorious March! They came back to encore with Cry of the Blackbirds and Persuit of Vikings and they had rised the sword and severed everyones head with a very confident performance and a bloody good Monday night out!


  • thegaymetaller

    Prefer KoK on album- their set was meddled by the sound. And for me, I wanted it over with. Though pity no one was watching them! They must have been so pissed off!

    10 mars 2009, 20h22m
  • Neonshez

    Legion of the damned - slayer tribute, oh hell yes! I was so bored during that set I was yawning madly! A real let down after KoK- I thought their set was far better than in the Underworld a few months back...big stage and good sound works for them :P

    11 mars 2009, 9h31m
  • felis_af

    As far as the parking is concerned, I always use the Forum car parks. They are free! Check it out nex time;) http://www.kentishtownforum.com/info/theforum/directions.aspx

    11 mars 2009, 12h52m
  • Yygdrasill

    Cool......\m/ : )

    11 mars 2009, 19h24m
  • Neonshez

    Yeah it was early, but at least they said it was early on the tickets... some venues change the times and don't tell you so you miss al the good stuff!

    14 mars 2009, 22h45m
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