Daily surprises while listening to music.


15 jan. 2011, 14h46m

I created this topic, because I wanted to write down some of the surprises I experience while listening to music. Those can differ really much from each other; sometimes it might be about a crazy songtitle, another time about a new band I discovered..lots of weird stuff. I'm going to comment on those things - that means, it's subjective.
I won't discuss facts and fool about that this band is the shit and how dare people think something else..
Keep in mind that I don't care if you enjoy reading. Not because I'm so damn trve, but because writing this is to my own pleasure. Nevertheless, you can comment, if you like; I enjoy talking about weird things (;

Some useful information before the start:
This topic will get updated whenever I feel like it/have sth to add.
So it's probably never finished :D

# 1 Scavenger of Human Sorrow by Death.
I discovered this track by downloading the new Relapse Record Sampler. Death, that's one of the giants in metal. But this voice..it sounds extremely feminine to me! I had listened to Death before, that means I have the whole discography (that's cause one of my friends is a bit fanatic about Death) ..and therefore I expected ..well, the voice I was used to! Deep. Maskuline.
But this sounds just like a woman's voice to me! My first thought was Arch Enemy, but since I never liked them, this association might not be correct. But anyways: Who is the vocalist on this record?! oO" Strange.

# 2 These guys..I dunno if they scare me or what..this band is more than strange, that's for sure: The County Medical Examiners

# 3 Listen to this song by the viking/folk metal band Týr : Lord of Lies. At around 2:40 till 2:50 it contains a passage that reminds of the famous melody in For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica ..wonder if they did it by intention?


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