Almost Time for a New Laptop and Other News


5 avr. 2012, 15h56m

Due to the fact that my Asus Eee 4G is giving out on me, it's almost time for me to invest in a new laptop. Unfortunately, to get the power and performance I need in a laptop (battery life doesn't really concern me, as I tend to keep my laptop plugged in), this will set me back about $1200 after taxes and other fees. I'll probably delay purchasing the new laptop until after I get my new monitor in November, when I'm also planning to get digital phone, cable, and cable internet from the local television provider.

I think I will write the next part of the prologue for "Darkest Before Dawn" before I resume work on "Time's Changes" as I do not wish to write another battle scene any time soon. I could create the next chapter for "Keeping Old Promises", but as that has a battle (even if it will be one-sided with Team Rocket vs. Ash and Anabel with the obvious result), I'm really not in the mood to write it next. Since the next chapter of "Time's Changes" involves the first match of the round robin (and probably a meeting with an OC or two), I also am not in the mood to write it. I know it's not the right attitude to have, but I need to write what I prefer.

Until next time, stay safe!


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