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15 oct. 2005, 10h47m

Hello again, well I've been busy with homework and stuff so I haven't listened to much, but here goes:

1 - Breaking Benjamin 99 Plays

Ah, these guys again, well - they're too good. They haven't done a song I don't like. The lyrics and guitars in their songs are just great and I recommend them to you all.

2 - Nickelback 46 Plays

They have a new Album out [album artist=]All the Right Reasons[/album] which is worth checking out.

3 - Our Lady Peace 21 Plays

Without a doubt, my favourite band. They have dropped a bit this week, partly because I don't have any new stuff of their's to listen to. Bloody amazon, delaying [album artist=]Healthy in Paranoid Times[/album]

4 - Reel Big Fish 17 Plays

Borrowed their album off a mate. It rocks, check it out - so funny.

5 - The Offspring 16 Plays

Another mate lent me their album. They're great, although not many of my friends like them. As they say on "Why don't you get a job?" - 'Hey, that's something everyone can enjoy"

Right they're my top five artists, now for the top five songs -

:O all Breaking Benjamin. Oh well, they kick ass.

Oh, aside from Avenged Sevenfold are in there with Beast and The Harlot. That is a great song, with awesome guitars.

anywho, enjoy and keep listening.
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  • Y2Ken

    That's a shame you didn't get one more. Oh yeah, and be careful with putting album links in - it doesn't work unless you put the artist name in too.

    15 oct. 2005, 11h39m
  • shifto112

    that reminds me, i might get an offspring greatest hits type thing. another fun band.

    15 oct. 2005, 21h16m
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